Lou Quote 5This site is a collection of tools and resources I’ve come across that have helped me on my self-development path. I will keep adding to it as I continue on my journey. I invite you to learn and grow with me.

The ultimate mission of this site is to help ordinary people (not super-rich or super-famous … yet) who live purposeful lives connect and learn from each other. I assume you are one of them, so welcome. Have a cup of tea or coffee, make yourself comfortable, and stay a while!


Use the Toolbox tab to access lists of self-help tools (websites, articles, books, online courses, local resources)  by category. The main Toolbox page lists my favorite resources.


On the blog you will find:

  • articles about eight aspects of self-development I want to explore:
    1. Mindfulness
    2. Meditation
    3. Abundance
    4. Spirituality
    5. Emotions
    6. Purpose
    7. Relationships
    8. Health
  • a weekly summary of upcoming events in North Jersey related to those topics
  • interviews with people who transformed their life through self-help methods and who are now offering a product or service to help others transform theirs
  • reviews of  self-help methods, books, and products that have helped me on my journey

You can easily access blog posts by topic using the tag list on the right sidebar.

Other Resources

This site displays picture quotes and infographics I made to capture bits of wisdom that can be shared easily on social media. Feel free to use them! No permission needed.

Visit the Local Events pages to see a list of upcoming events in Northern NJ (listed by month under the Local Events menu).

See a listing of my services and use the contact form to add an event to my Local Events page, request a picture quote for your video, podcast, or article, or contact me for any other requests or comments. I’m always happy to connect with like-minded people.

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