Review: Dream Interpretation Workshop with Jefferson Harman

Review: Dream Interpretation Workshop with Jefferson Harman

In a Nutshell

I had the pleasure to meet Jefferson Harman on several occasions, and I’m impressed by his insights not only on dream interpretation but also on life in general.

The dream interpretation workshop I attended allowed each participant to either ask questions or have one dream interpreted. Everything is confidential, so everyone feels safe to share their dreams or questions, which sometimes address deeper issues we don’t normally talk about.



Before attending Jefferson’s workshop, I didn’t see the use of remembering my dreams and writing them down, and I didn’t pay much attention to them, unless they were very clear and highly symbolic. He explained that if you don’t pay attention to your dreams, you are missing out on a lot of insights from your Inner Wisdom. The more you intend to remember your dreams, the more you remember and understand them. It’s like a conversation between you and your Higher Self. If you listen, it will communicate more and enrich your life with precious insights and feedback. After attending Jefferson’s workshop, I started remembering my dreams a lot more and writing them down.

Listening to his interpretation of not only my dream (which had been puzzling me for over a year) but of other people’s dreams helped me understand how they can help us. A dream dictionary is good for a start, but it doesn’t take into consideration the whole dream, what the symbol means to you personally, how you feel, and your current situation. Jefferson’s skills and intuition was impressive and allowed participants to find out what the dream means and how to use the information it contains.

I cannot give any examples because everything was confidential, but I will just say that I witnessed some healing taking place as a participant was taken back to her childhood where her recurring dreams started. Jefferson helped her identify the source of that dream so she could address it and be free from it. He explained that recurring dreams are a way for our Inner Wisdom to repeat the message when we don’t get it the first time.

Jefferson interpreted in a few minutes a dream I had been trying to understand for over a year. It makes so much sense, and revealed information I can use in my current situation. It contained the key to my problem. I wish I had known earlier!



The only limitation I can think of is that once I started remembering my dreams more, I was flooded with new information, and one of my dream’s emotions were so strong it woke me up at 4:00 a.m. It definitely got my attention! I took the time to write it down and as I did, its meaning became clearer. I’m so fascinated by my mind’s cleverness in conveying messages in a way I can accept and understand, if I take the time to go within and listen. I could use more sleep, though. I was tired the following day.

My point is, if your intention is to grow and heal and evolve, his workshops will definitely help you. If your intention is to stay where you are and protect yourself from pain, this workshop may not be for you.


Jefferson HarmanMastermind Behind This Method

Jefferson Harman is a symbolic intuitive, dream interpreter, radio personality and writer who reads the symbols present in your dreams and everyday life. By interpreting this invisible language, he identifies your blocks and challenges and ways to overcome them. He has been actively studying the relationships among metaphysics, psychology and anatomy for over twenty-five years.

Jefferson is available for private readings in person, by phone and through Skype. He conducts workshops on various topics, including dream interpretation, overcoming your phobias, and the healing power of the mindIn his workshop series, New Thoughts, New Lives®, Jefferson explores the transformative power of affirmation. He also teaches workshops in origami as a meditation tool to promote world peace.


How It Works

Do you have a dream you would like interpreted? Can’t recall your dreams and want to learn how? Would you like to connect with someone who has passed on through your dreams? What’s the best way to keep a dream journal? Are you experiencing phobias or dealing with issues in your waking life that you can’t seem to work out? Are you interested in lucid dreaming? Find the answers to all these questions and more with Jefferson Harman in this unique, interactive workshop. If you do not have to a dream to interpret, all thoughts and questions about your dreams are welcome.


To Learn More

Listen to Life Unedited – Dream Interpretation LIVE on the Radio, Every first Saturday of the month. 11:00 a.m. WCHE Radio 1520 AM – Click here to listen LIVE online (Mac users go here). Call in with your questions! 610-701-WCHE (9243)

You can also find Jefferson at Star Dreams Café, home of the exciting, new internet based TV show, Dreaming With… co-hosted by Adam Rothenberg (Call Me Adam) and Jefferson Harman (Everyday Symbology Podcast, Life Unedited Radio). Each episode will feature an inside look at the lives and dreams of today’s artists, writers, and entertainers. This unique dream interpretation/interview series is filmed on location at the famed Algonquin Hotel in New York City’s historic theater district.

Jefferson’s upcoming events are listed on my site, under Local Events.

Listen to Jefferson’s podcast with Jerry Hocek, publisher of the Bergen/Passaic edition of Natural Awakenings magazine about How to Thrive in Transitional Times.

Website: Everyday Symbology

Facebook: Jefferson Harman LaSala

Twitter: @JeffersonHarman

Upcoming Events – Week of 8/13/17

Upcoming Events – Week of 8/13/17

Below is a summary of upcoming events this week and beginning of next week. Visit my August Events pages for more information about each event.

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Monday, August 14, 7:15 PM: Yin Yoga with Reiki, Aromatherapy, and Sound Healing with Lynda Ferrara and Jason Wood, at at Pandora Healing, 274 Lafayette Ave, Hawthorne, NJ – $15

Wednesday, August 16, 7:30 PM: Guided Meditation: Letting Go of Your Limiting Beliefs with Lou and Kelly at 4XMG Studios, 682 B Passaic Ave, Nutley, NJ – $10 suggested donation

Thursday, August 17, 7:00 PM: Journey Dance with Jean O’Toole at American Legion Hall, 20 Yates Ave, Newton, NJ – $10-$30

Thursday, August 17, 7:30 PM: Dream Interpretation Workshop – Night Sailing – Interpreting Your Dreams with Jefferson Harman at Grateful Heart Counseling, 933 Route 23 South, Suite 10, Pompton Plains, NJ – $25

Friday, August 18, 7:15 PM: Ongoing Friday Yoga Class with Reiki with Amanda at Clifton Yoga Center (In-Step Fitness), 819 Van Houten Avenue, Clifton, NJ – $10 (every Friday)

Friday, August 18, 7:30 PM: Sound Bath with Chris Balzano at Pandora Healing, 274 Lafayette Ave, Hawthorne, NJ – Suggested donation: $15

Saturday, August 19, 10:00 AM: Free Qigong Class with Savitri in Edgemont Park, 274 Valley Road, Montclair, NJ – Free (every Saturday)

Saturday, August 19, 7:00 PM: Gong Immersion with David Karlberg at Unity of Sussex County, 25 Mudcut Rd, Lafayette, NJ – $15 ($20 at the door)

Sunday, August 20, 11:00 AM: High Vibrational Meditation with Donna Hainzl, at Aquarian Sun Healing and Learning Center, 212A Main Street, Lincoln Park, NJ – $25

How to Thrive in Transitional Times – Part 1

How to Thrive in Transitional Times – Part 1

Below are my notes from a podcast by Jerry Hocek, publisher of the Bergen/Passaic edition of Natural Awakenings magazine, and Jefferson Harman, dream interpretor and TV/radio personality. I had the opportunity to meet both of them, and I love the work they do.

I keep hearing that our world is going through a transition, that people are awakening and becoming more aware of their life’s purpose. This video gives insights about this phenomena in terms everyone can understand and relate to. I was going to just pull some quotes from it, but I started taking notes because there is so much good content in there and not everyone has time to listen to a one-hour podcast. I want to make it accessible to more people who are searching for answers or looking for meaning in this chaotic time of change.

Visit Natural Awakenings’ Facebook page to leave a comment on this video and to find out about Jerry and Jefferson’s upcoming workshops about this topic.

The video is about one hour long, so I will break it down into three parts of about twenty minutes each. Listen to it with me as you follow my notes, or just browse through the notes and listen to the parts that interest you. The video offers a lot of examples and more content not included in my notes. Enjoy!

Jefferson Harman Quote 1The Eye of the Storm [-55:51]

Disruption always precedes change. You have to have the storm before you have the calm. When something isn’t flowing in your life, it’s because you are behaving in a way that moves against how nature flows. Nature is very specific, things happen in their own time. Not a flower on the planet is thinking, “It’s Thursday, and I’ve only grown this high.” We create these obsessions, these difficulties. I believe you co-create your own reality, because simultaneous to you creating your own reality is seven billion other people plus the rest of the planet all making choices, and that’s creating what we perceive as reality.

If we’re in a turbulent time, look at when nature is turbulent, which would be during a storm, let’s say a hurricane. Everything is whirling around in a spiral and it’s very intense. In the center of that, everything is perfectly calm. Both of those things can be happening simultaneously, and that’s what’s happening right now. The question is: are you in the turbulence or are you in the eye? If you are caught up in the drama, you’re in the storm.

While we are witnessing all this upheaval, simultaneously we are also witnessing an awakening. The awakening is what’s important, because that’s the shift to the more positive energy. That’s the point where we get out of the storm and into the spring and the flowers growing.


Jefferson Harman Quote 2Community Energy [-49:30]

We’ve become too isolated. We’ve been asleep at the wheel for so long. In the mean time, the planet has been creating this momentum that’s leading to the storm. But what has shifted is that now all these people who have been in that state are suddenly awakened. That shift which is specific to politics is also occurring in all facets. People who have been in individual energy for too long are beginning to expand that to become part of community energy.

The community energy is where the interaction is happening that’s going to create the healing of the time that we’re living in right now. Do something where you are with group energy, creating something that’s positive that’s helping to heal the people that are involved in the project and the people that the project itself is assisting.

Become involved with other people in a conversation, and don’t be combative about it. Be collective about it, create together. That’s the energy that’s going to pull us out of this.


Jefferson Harman Quote 3How to Change the Storm [-47:28]

If we want to change what we perceive as the storm, what we need to do is remain in the eye so that we can affect the change that will calm the storm. The reason we want to remain in the eye is because that’s present moment energy and that’s the only place you can affect any real change. How are you going to change anything in the world if you’re caught up in all of it? If you want to make it better, you need to be centered yourself. That’s the eye.

The goal is always joy. Making it better means not having the vitriolic argument that’s going to make everybody unhappy in the end. You need to have some kind of way to talk to people that you disagree with that you can find common ground on which you do agree and just work with that. Let go of the disagreement long enough to work with the level on which you do agree, and then see what changes.

Challenge yourself. Go and do something that’s not the norm of what you’ve been doing all this time. Do something that’s completely different, that challenges you personally to have to communicate in a different way than the way you’ve been communicating.

We’ve gotten too used to modes of communication that are created by our technology. And simultaneously, the very technology that has made us so insulary is also pulling us out of that insular moment into the greater conversation. The very tool that made us so self-focused is now pivoting and turning around and giving us a lens on the world that never existed before. We are living in a time that’s enormously powerful, where people who have not had the power to get their story out are now doing that.

[-40:33 – I stopped here for this post. Stay tuned for Part 2!]

Upcoming Events – Week of 8/6/17

Upcoming Events – Week of 8/6/17

Below is a summary of upcoming events this week and beginning of next week. Visit my August Events pages for more information about each event.

If you have an event you would like me to list, please let me know. Visit my Services page for more information.



Monday 7:15 PM: Yin Yoga with Reiki, Aromatherapy, and Sound Healing with Lynda Ferrara and Jason Wood, at at Pandora Healing, 274 Lafayette Ave, Hawthorne, NJ – $15

Wednesday, August 9, 7:30 PM: Guided Meditation: Finding Your Passion & Purpose with Lou and Kelly at 4XMG Studios, 682 B Passaic Ave, Nutley, NJ – $10 suggested donation

Thursday, August 10, 7:00 PM: Overcoming Your Phobias – Transform Your Fears into Trusted Allies, with Jefferson Harman at Vista Natural Wellness Center, 191 Ramapo Valley Rd, Oakland, NJ – $35

Thursday, August 10, 7:00 PM: Meditation and Reiki Night with Heather O’Neill, at Elite Hair Studio and Spa, 65 Rt 17, Hasbrouck Heights, NJ – $10

Friday, August 11, 6:30 PM: Yin Yoga and Sound Healing with Lynda Ferrara and Jason Wood, at The Body Image Boutique, 96 E. Allendale Rd., Saddle River, NJ – $30

Friday, August 11, 7:15 PM: Ongoing Friday Yoga Class with Reiki with Amanda at Clifton Yoga Center (In-Step Fitness), 819 Van Houten Avenue, Clifton, NJ – $10 (every Friday)

Saturday, August 12, 10:00 AM: Free Qigong Class with Savitri in Edgemont Park, 274 Valley Road, Montclair, NJ – Free (every Saturday)

Saturday, August 12, 7:00 PM: Drumming Circle with David Karlberg at Unity of Sussex County, 25 Mudcut Rd, Lafayette, NJ – $15

Sunday, August 13, 6:30 PM: Live Your Legend August Meeting with Lou and Kelly at 4XMG Studios, 682 B Passaic Ave, Nutley, NJ – Free

Interview with Marina DeLima from WTA

Interview with Marina DeLima from WTA

Jorge and Marina

I had the great pleasure to meet Jorge Branco and Marina De Lima from the World Travelers Association when they visited New Jersey back in March. I was so impressed by their non-profit organization that I decided to interview them.

They both go live in another country for a few months before inviting a group of people to join them for adventure and volunteering. They are currently in Thailand and will be heading to Nepal to run their trek to Everest Base Camp in the spring. Follow them on Instagram or Twitter for stunning pictures and heartwarming stories.

Elephant SanctuaryMarina was a yoga teacher in New Jersey before joining Jorge in his international project a few years ago. She is now teaching yoga in whatever country they find themselves in and running the volunteering/adventure projects with Jorge.

This interview explores how she decided to leave her home and steady income in New Jersey to join Jorge in his travels, and how she got into yoga in the first place. Enjoy, and be inspired! This makes me want to do something amazing with my own life!


What was your life like before you came across meditation and yoga?

For over ten years, before I became a yoga teacher, I worked as Reality Television Producer and ran my own reality casting agency. I worked for every major TV network and a lot of the big name reality shows. I had a very typical New York City life where I was overworked at a highly stressful job and spent my free time partying, drinking, and finding ways to buy myself happiness that I felt I had worked hard to deserve.

Marina Quote 1A lot of my pleasures came from material things and spending money. I was always a travel junkie and because I worked as a freelancer I would plan trips as many times a year as I could. Sometimes the only thing getting me through a project would be the promise of an escape that I would spend hours and researching and booking. But like a lot of the people I knew, I was faking it. Although for a long time I loved my job, I still felt like a fraud 80% of the time and would make excuses for the lack of purpose in my career.

I was raised in a Catholic home and always a connection to God and my own spirituality, but I had lost that and turned into a cynical adult who only saw the beauty in things only if it was covered in gold or champagne. My personal relationships were suffering because I was so obsessed with maintaining the facade of a life I had created. At the rate I was living I would have had a stress induced heart attack by 40 and have no family, friends, or partner by my side.

I no longer wanted to be the version of myself that I had become and I knew that it had to start by quieting my mind and my thoughts and reconnecting with my spiritual side. Instead of going to church, I chose to start meditating. I needed a way to deal better with myself and begin to manage and understand my emotions, and just like that I found yoga.

What was the turning point for you that made you decide to seek other ways of handling things?

Marina Quote 2Right around the time that I was turning 30 I began taking inventory of all the areas of my life; my career, my relationship with my boyfriend, friends, and family, and my relationship with myself. I realized I was living in the apartment I wanted, working in the career I had crafted and nurtured, was dating a guy who was supposed to be my equal, and had tons of friends with a social calendar that was booked for months in advance. I was living my dream life… and I was so unhappy. I spent so much time creating this life that I thought I was supposed to have and that to outsiders looked perfect, and inside I was slowly drowning. For the first time I started to imagine a life where I wasn’t a television producer, where I didn’t live in the New York City area, where I was free and living an authentic true version of myself.

I started to go to yoga because I became interested in the idea of an exercise that was more linked to spiritually, breath, and understanding of the body and spirit. I needed something that was hard and not just physically hard, but something that would calm my monkey mind and maybe convince me that I was just going through a moment and that my crazy thoughts would pass. I signed up for a week trial to my local studio six years ago and I was instantly hooked. I was physically fit but this was different; I was moving differently, sweating differently, breathing differently than I’d ever done before. And then I had my first savasana cry and for the first time ever in my adult life I felt free.

What self-help tools have you tried, and which one had the greatest impact on your life?

I gave a lot of tools a chance in the beginning of my journey. I was trying to find tools that were authentic and felt like I wasn’t forcing them or pretending to understand them. I tried various yoga styles, meditation styles, tapping, body work, tantric dance, reiki, sound therapy, watsu therapy, acupressure, acupuncture, shamanic practices, and anything that I found interesting and that I thought could potentially become a consistent figure in my life.

Oddly enough a lot of them have stuck but my primary healing and self-help tool is my yoga practice. Yoga is a moving meditation and although I still practice seated meditation, I feel the most connected to spirit and most present when I am practicing and teaching yoga. My cellular vibration is higher, my thoughts clearer, my nervous system becomes settled. To me is the best high I have ever felt.

I am now a reiki healer and enjoy receiving reiki and working with ancient healing and traditional Chinese medicine. I have recently started to examine shamanic healing and started a journey to create a deeper connection to my environment and mother nature to build more universal love and compassion.

What challenges did you have to overcome in order to pursue your passion?

Marina Quote 3When I first started toying with the idea of making a life out of being a yoga teacher and healer, I knew that it would be a long road. I had to begin to break up and undo the ties of my old life. For so long I was so deeply associated with my old career that it defined who I was as a person. When I started acting differently and speaking about the new work of my life, my friends and family thought I was crazy. It made me second guess myself. I think the hardest part was staying dedicated to what brought me happiness and peace and trust that everyone else in my life needed their own time to catch up to who I was now becoming.

Explain what your product or service is about.

A year and half ago, after meeting someone who was out in the world living their dream (Jorge), I decided to take the leap of faith and leave behind my life in America to pursue my dream of teaching yoga internationally and bringing people on yoga and adventure retreats. Since then, Jorge and I have lived in five countries together and have brought people to seven countries all over the world to share life changing experiences. Jorge and I now run World Travelers Association, a Non-Profit Organization with a mission to ‘Travel for a Purpose’. I am currently expanding beyond Yoga Teacher and Retreat Leader and in 2018 will begin running Yoga Teacher Training to empower others with tools to follow their dreams and continue on their journey of healing and love.

How did you develop your product or service and decide to offer it to the world?

I am very committed to putting in the time as a student in order to be able to become a better teacher. I have logged various hours training with my yoga teachers as well as traditional Chinese medicine professionals, Shamanic Teachers, mediation teachers, and by having a daily commitment to self-study. As far as being a retreat leader and guide, my retreats are compiled of adventures that I have experienced first hand. Jorge and I are dedicating our lives to living in countries for months at a time before groups arrive so we can offer our travelers a unique and carefully planned trip.

Jorge and MarinaHow can people learn more about it or contact you?


Instagram: Marinad31

Facebook: Marina De Lima Yoga

Email: TravelingYogi@MarinaDeLima.Com

Upcoming Events – Week of 7/31/17

Upcoming Events – Week of 7/31/17

Below is a summary of upcoming events this week. Visit my August Events pages for more information about each event.

For August, I’ve changed the format of my events page to list them by week instead of by host, and I’ve added flash reviews of the ones I’ve attended.

If you have an event you would like me to list, please let me know. Visit my Services page for more information.

Ongoing Weekly Events

Every Friday at 7:15 PM: Ongoing Friday Yoga Class with Reiki with Amanda at Clifton Yoga Center (In-Step Fitness), 819 Van Houten Avenue, Clifton, NJ – $10

Every Saturday, 10:00 AM: Free Qigong Class with Savitri in Edgemont Park, 274 Valley Road, Montclair, NJ.

Thursday, August 3, 7:00 PM: Dream Interpretation Workshop – Night Sailing – Interpreting Your Dreams, with Jefferson Harman at Aquarian Sun Healing & Learning Center, 212 A Main St., Lincoln Park, NJ – $25

Friday, August 4, 6:00 PM: Alternative Happy Hour Meditation with Nicolette Maio, Caney Taino, and Tabitha Booth, at 54 Coles St., Jersey City, NJ – $20 per person plus one guest

Friday, August 4, 7:30 PM: Sound Healing Ceremony with Jason Wood, at Pandora Healing, 274 Lafayette Ave, Hawthorne, NJ – Suggested donation: $15

Saturday, August 5, 9:00 AM: Reiki Share with Linda Mitchell at The Tree of Health Center, 55 Newton Sparta Rd Unit 107, Newton, NJ – $5 donation

Saturday, August 5, 10:00 AM: Sound, Alchemy & Your Divine Blueprint with Rama Inacio, at KG Divine Wellness & Beauty, 530 High Mountain Rd, North Haledon, NJ – $35

Saturday, August 5, 11:00 AM: Dream Interpretation LIVE on the Radio with Jefferson Harman – Call-in number: 610-701-WCHE (9243)

Sunday, August 6, 1:00 PM: Summer Celebration with Jean Fedora O’Toole, at Journey Dance North New Jersey, Diamond Studio, 450 Hamburg Turnpike, 2nd floor, Wayne NJ – $10-$30

Imagineer Your Life – My Notes, Part 3

Imagineer Your Life – My Notes, Part 3

(This is Part 3 of a series of three posts. Please read my previous post for an introduction and my notes on Part 1 and Part 2 of this video.)

Here is an overview of Bentinho Massaro’s video, Imagineer Your Life:

Following are my notes from Part 3 of the video. My personal comments are in brackets; all other notes are direct quotes from the video I found meaningful. Enjoy!

Part 3 – Integrity v/s Following Your Heart (51:23 – 1:17:30)

[Skip to 51:23]

Bentinho Quote 1051:23 – Integrity and communication

You don’t have to break the laws of integrity in order to be what you wanna be. People often think that they do, but you don’t. Keeping yourself limited is not integrity. You’re here to be free. You’re here to generate your reality.

If there are seemingly only two options: either lose your integrity and follow your heart or keep your integrity and don’t follow your heart, then ask yourself for that higher, third, unseen, more creative option that comes from a higher dimensional way of thinking, outside of the box. There’s always that option where your integrity can be maintained or can be improved upon, even, while you’re actually making the choices that your heart wants to make.

When it comes to relationships with people, communication is the very simple answer. People always feel stuck in their agreements. Use your lips to communicate what your heart is saying, and you’ll be surprised how many agreements you can simply change, respectfully so, and how you can actually liberate the other party too, because nobody wants you there if you don’t wanna be there. It goes for any type of contracts or relationships. You’re not productive, you’re not energetically exciting, you’re not mutually beneficial, it’s not a relationship anymore. So do them a favor and follow your heart.


Bentinho Quote 1153:49 – Perpetual state of acceleration

When you stop waiting, you start accelerating and you actually start to find out who you are, because it’s a fun process, it’s a roller coaster ride. You keep recreating your reality every day, and every day will be very different from the previous day. It becomes so fast that you won’t recognize yourself or your friends anymore from two days ago. That’s not a problem, unless you define it in such a way. But it’s actually very exciting. You can’t remember, not really, who you were two days ago.

Imagine being in such a perpetual state of acceleration and move and changes. It becomes so your default mode of being that two days later  you have changed as an average person would change not even in twenty years, energetically, vibrationally, personality-wise, physically-wise, circumstantially. After twenty years, do you recognize yourself as of twenty years ago? Not really. It doesn’t feel real anymore. It feels like a very distant memory. Now you have that experience every two days. It can be a little scary at first, but once you get used to it, it becomes very exciting.


Bentinho Quote 1257:44 Depression

So accelerate! You don’t accelerate in the path of your depression. Depression feels slow, it feels heavy, and it’s okay, if it comes up it’s fine. Love it, embrace it, let it be there. But as you let it be there, you see that it’s pasted onto the canvas of your creation, it’s not who you are. Crucial difference. When depression comes up, you know very clearly that it’s one of those experiences that you made manifest so that you can very clearly distinguish who you are and who you’re not, what is true and what is not true. Anything that does not feel good is fundamentally, vibrationally out of alignment with the truth of your being. That is why it feels bad.

There cannot be a wrong circumstance, because every circumstance is an equally valid and empty and neutral expression of infinity. There cannot ever be something inherently wrong with your circumstances. You only feel bad because your beliefs about what you’re seeing are untrue, because your beliefs about who you are in relationship to what you see are untrue. Your state of being is being randomly operated, you’re not conscious of it, you’re not intending who you wish to be. You’re not deciding what is true. You’re not pasting on to your creation who you are. You’re not seeing your preference. That’s why you feel bad. That’s why you slow down. That’s why you become depressed.


Bentinho Quote 131:02:15 – Pain and healing

Good feelings are versions of you getting closer in alignment with the frequency that is always present as a wall, it’s this barometer as this constant feel that you’re inundated with that you can’t perceive. But as soon as you create something that’s not in alignment with it you will feel it as pain, as suffering, as struggle.

If you learn from that, see that you manifested that reality so that you can know that it’s not who you are, and you can simply start to see, feel and be without having to even harken back to your traumas and all these things, but simply start creating something new. Start shifting your reality, your identity, until your traumas become so far a thing of the past parallel self that they’re no longer yours and then you’re healed.

“Staying with it” does not heal you; you’ll “stay with it.” Here’s the thing: you cannot take something that hurts and remove it from existence. That’s what many people think healing is. You cannot take something that exists and make it non-existent, it’s impossible! So healing does not exist. You can’t heal something that is. Something that is already is what it is and will always be present in that parallel frequency reality. Why? Because it offers many different consciousnesses, many different experiences that they choose to experience by their vibrational match. You cannot take your trauma and heal it, it’s meant to be a traumatic experience. That’s what it’s there for, to offer people traumatic experiences.

If you wish to heal yourself, you need to understand that you are a different vibrational reality now. And when you know that, that now just seems like a distant memory that you can’t really connect to anymore. It just feels like it’s just an image on the screen. But you can’t feel it and be it, because your vibration is so far moved on into a different higher vibrational reality that you now feel completely healed without ever “staying with that trauma.” You spiritually bypassed your way into healing!

I’m not saying it’s not a good practice to sometimes experience the feelings that come up and “sit with them,” but not for too long, just to gain experience, just to see what it’s like to look at your painting and not really enjoy what you’re seeing. But with a smile on your face and knowing that it’s your painting over there and it’s not who you are; in fact, it’s showing you more and more that that’s not who you are, because it’s not feeling good. But you don’t stay with it and try to somehow eradicate it from existence by your loving gaze. Your loving gaze will only help you because the love that is in your gaze will shift your frequency to a reality where you’re no longer in touch with that reality, so you feel healed and you create the illusion of “Oh my God, I healed my trauma!” No, it’s still there! Dig hard enough and you’ll find it. It’s right there, waiting for you, if you want it to be. If you want to experience it again, you can.


Bentinho Quote 141:06:20 – Choices v/s other people

Let people have their choice, you choose yours, and through your example of choosing your reality, you’re actually freeing people up from the idea that they’re stuck in theirs. Because they see you move so fast, they see you change so fast. They see you actually be wise, ecstatic, and mature yet without sacrificing your integrity at the same time, and they’re scratching their heads. “Wow, you can actually follow your heart and still be a good kid?” No, actually you can’t. You cannot be a good boy, you cannot be a good girl, just the heads up, if you wish to follow your heart. It’s not possible. The good thing is, your ideas about what it means to be a good boy or a good girl will change.

Being a good girl or a good boy is not the same as maintaining integrity, it’s something completely different. So can you follow your dreams to the fullest of your ability, without ever having to sacrifice in your integrity towards other beings and the agreements you have in your realities? Absolutely! Can you become more free without ever being a rebel? No, absolutely not. No way will you be more of yourself if you don’t dare to step outside of the box.

If people choose to feel bad about the choices that you make for your own life without ever touching theirs, that is their choice. Will I be loved? Yes. Will I be appreciated for it? No, probably not. But that is their choice. You also become very clear on where that invisible boundary is of where your free will ends and someone else’s starts. This is very mixed up in our society. That’s why we all feel so stuck in having to maintain each other’s feelings. If I don’t step on your toes, you won’t step on mine, and we’ll never ever learn a single thing about creation, and we’ll never have fun, but at least we won’t be hurt. So let’s hurt ourselves all the time by not being who we are so that we don’t have to hurt each other. That is our people’s vision of what it’s like to maintain integrity and free will. In reality it doesn’t work that way. I am free to make my choices, and you are free to make your choices. It’s as simple as that.


Bentinho Quote 151:10:32 – Definition of integrity

Where have you actually made a promise? You’d be surprised how very little promises you’ve actually made. But we think we’ve made a lot of them. We feel responsible for a lot of things. So when you feel a change of energy come up. or an expansion of energy, or a different choice, all you need to do is simply sense into that, and yes, you can be as respectful as you can be, meaning that if you feel that the other being or the other company or the other contract somehow assumes something from your promise, even though maybe it has never been verbalized, then of course, communicate that. It feels good, it feels loving, it feels like it’s maintaining your integrity. Maybe you postpone following your dream for a day or two, or for an hour or two, or for the extent of that conversation, but that’s worth it. It makes you feel good, and it teaches you compassion and love and all these things. You communicate as clearly as you can what is true for you, and you see what happens in that dialogue. But at the core of your being, you always know that you are free to choose your reality, and you don’t have any actual energetic physical ties to any other reality. So you simply communicate that, and then you go about your business.

My definition of integrity is a) infinite abundance: you don’t have to deprive anyone else of what they desire in order to gain what you desire, in other words, you don’t have to steal someone’s happiness, compare, be competitive, take away anything from anyone else; and b) clear communication: you respect the fact that you’ve signed up to be part of this collective, and so you understand that people do assume certain things, so you bring as clear of a communication to that situation as you can while realizing that at the heart of it you have free choice and they have free choice, and that you’re not responsible for anyone else’s feelings or for even the contracts that you’re in, but you simply have to communicate those changes, otherwise you may not feel as good about your choice.

If it comes to the point where the other person does not want that clear insight, then you have to make a choice. Either you submit yourself to their reality because you feel that otherwise you would hurt them or something like that, or you go about your way anyway, realizing that they choose to not want that clarity and they want to keep that victimization story going. You have been very clear with them, and then in a sense the ball is in their corner. If they still wish to continue to believe these things about that idea, then they can. At some point you have to draw the line, cut those ties. But before you do that, do your utmost to communicate as clearly as you can and to respect the assumptions they may have.


1:17.30 – Questions from the audience (until the end)

[There is good content in his answers, but I’m leaving it out because it’s long and tedious to listen to.]

Upcoming Events – Northern NJ – 7/24 to 7/31

Upcoming Events – Northern NJ – 7/24 to 7/31

July EventsPlease visit the July Local Events page for links and more info about the following upcoming events:

Tuesday, July 25, 7:30 PM: Night Sailing – Interpreting Your Dreams with Jefferson Harman at Gypsy Yogis, 2502 Palisade Ave, Weehawken, NJ

Wednesday, July 26, 7:00 PM: How to Thrive in Transitional Times Workshop with Jerry Hocek and Jefferson Harman at CareOne at The Cupola, 100 West Ridgewood Ave, Paramus, NJ

Wednesday, July 26, 7:30 PM: Guided Meditation: Finding Balance in Your Life with Kelly and Lou at 4XMG Studios, 682 B Passaic Ave, Nutley, NJ

Thursday, July 27, 7:00 PM: Dream Interpretation Workshop – Night Sailing – Interpreting Your Dreams with Jefferson Harman at Mystic Spirit Metaphysical Shoppe, 324 Bloomfield Ave., Montclair, NJ

Thursday, July 27, 7:00 PM: Feldenkrais Workshop with Christin at Vista Natural Wellness, 191 Ramapo Valley Rd, Oakland, NJ

Friday, July 28, 6:30 PM: Essential Oils for Skin and Body Care with Christy Miller at the Tree of Health Center, 55 Newton Sparta Rd Unit 107, Newton, NJ

Friday, July 28, 7:15 PM: Ongoing Friday Yoga Class with Reiki with Amanda at Clifton Yoga Center (In-Step Fitness), 819 Van Houten Avenue, Clifton, NJ

Saturday, July 29, 10:00 AMFree Tai Chi / Qigong Class with Savitri in Edgemont Park, 274 Valley Road, Montclair, NJ

Saturday, July 29, 6:00 PM: Spiritual Saturday – Film, Food & Friends at the Tree of Health Center, 55 Newton Sparta Rd Unit 107, Newton, NJ

Sunday, July 30, 4:00 PM: Community Drum and Dance with Mark Wood at Pandora Healing, 274 Lafayette Ave, Hawthorne, NJ

Imagineer Your Life – My Notes, Part 2

Imagineer Your Life – My Notes, Part 2

(This is Part 2 of a series of three posts. Please read my previous post for an introduction and my notes on Part 1 of this video.)

Here is an overview of Bentinho Massaro’s video, Imagineer Your Life:

Following are my notes from Part 2 of the video. My personal comments are in brackets; all other notes are direct quotes from the video I found meaningful. Enjoy!

Part 2 – Decide Who You Are (38:00-51:23)

[skip the first section and start at 38:00]

Bentinho Quote 638:00 – Splash your paint onto this reality

If you can do this, a lot of your questions will simply fade away. They become irrelevant. You only have questions because you believe you can’t be who you wish to be, you can’t have what you believe you desire, but as soon as you start to decide who you are, tune in to what feels the truest for you, and become that being, all questions become naturally answered. You stop doubting yourself.

It’s just like a canvas. You don’t like what you painted? Just paint over it, and paint over it again. If the canvas becomes too heavy because of all the layers, throw it out, get a new canvas, start fresh. You don’t like half of what you see? Change the other half. Suddenly it doesn’t make sense anymore? Paint over it all over again. Do this constantly.

When you keep in your mind’s eye only what you prefer to see, that’s quite literally how you energetically splash your paint onto this reality. When you choose to just be random and confused and let other people decide for you who you are, then of course life is going to look like a chaotic mess. What you see is who you are.


Bentinho Quote 740:00 You don’t need training.

It’s not that difficult. It’s quite simple of a process. You see it, you feel it, and you be it, that’s how you imagineer your life. It’s not that hard. It’s always been that easy. You have already done this. This is not a new process. You don’t even necessarily need training in creating your environment, because that’s what you’re doing right now, otherwise you would not have this experience of me speaking to you.

Right now you’re placing all these molecules exactly where they are. I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s true. Reality is shaped by consciousness. There’s no reality apart from consciousness, and consciousness immediately influences everything that appears within it, like in your dream at night.

That’s what you’re doing all the time, on a different level of your consciousness, which you call the unconscious mind, but really it’s a higher conscious mind. It simply is unconscious to our conscious mind, because our “conscious” conscious mind is of a lower frequency, so it’s not conscious of the higher consciousness, therefore to our conscious mind it’s called the unconscious mind. But really, what’s unconscious to us is very, very highly conscious on its own level, and sometimes we have glimpses of this. We call that awakening moments, or glimpses of God, or whatever you want to call it, experiencing like life is a dream, a lucid waking dream.

These experiences can become more integrated, more constant, an actual part of your state of being, of your understanding of how reality works. You don’t need training in manifesting, you can’t become better at that. You’re perfect at it, absolutely flawless, so flawless that you don’t even notice your’e doing it. What you need training in is to learn to not be in a numbed down state of not knowing who you are.


Bentinho Quote 843:20 Know yourself

All you need to do is know who you are, and how do you know yourself? By deciding who you are, not by figuring it out so much. That’s overrated. If you are in the state of figuring out who you are, I promise you, you will always be in some version of that state. Through deciding who you are, you will find out more of who you actually are, because as you choose to manifest your reality more consciously, very acutely you start to feel what resonates and what does not resonate. Through that contrast you start to know who you actually are, but not by sitting down and having all the questions from your childhood come up, and then try to figure out through that mess who you are.

You need to first become more specific, more precise, more decisive, more determined, you need to choose who it is you wish to be. What do you base that off of? Of your best knowledge available to you in this moment, which requires only one question: What excites me the most at this time? That’s your guidance line into more of who you truly are.

As you manifest who you are, suddenly you sense a little misalignment. It doesn’t feel like quite who I wish to be. All right, great! Based on this newfound knowledge of who I am, not through trying to figure it out but simply by choosing who I am, what happens is that now I’m clear on what resonates and what does not. I’m clear on who I am and who I’m not. And so now that you are clear, it becomes even easier and even more exciting to see it, feel it, and be it. And you keep recreating this process and fine tuning it. This is an endless journey.

If you want to know who you are, try out one version that excites you the most at this point, and then you’ll see what about it truly is exciting, what about it truly feels in integrity and in alignment with your true being, and what, from that, is simply old school thinking, old school believing, old school feeling, old school being.


Bentinho Quote 947:45 – Waiting v/s deciding

[I took a lot of notes here, because this resonated with what I’ve been through recently and spoke to me directly, almost in a spooky way. Why wait two years? Those who know me closely will know what I’m referring to …]

Waiting is for losers, respectfully so, and by losers I mean people that will not ever discover who they are because they won’t find out. You can’t find out by asking questions. You have to find out by determining who you are. So stop losing the game of figuring out who you are and start actually figuring out who you are by deciding who it is that you are and pasting it on to your reality. Don’t wait! What are you waiting for? What could you potentially be waiting for if this is your creation?

If  it’s not your own creation, I completely agree. Keep on waiting, keep on questioning, keep on figuring out, keep on asking other people that actually exist out there, that know how reality actually works. Yes, if that was actually the case, then that would be the way to go, I agree. But since you’re placing this inside of your own consciousness  all the time, and you’re always guided, you’re always creating your own reality, then in what way does it make any sense to wait? You’d only be waiting for your own choice. You’d only be waiting until you give yourself permission to make that decision.

You may need to create all these people telling you all kinds of things for years and years and years, and you’re weighing out the pros and cons of your decision, of your excitement. Shall I take this passionate decision or shall I not? All this time you’re just playing a game with yourself until you give yourself permission to come to a point where you can say, “Ah, okay, now I know the answer!” And then you make the change, and then your reality changes. And then a new set of questions arise. This is natural. However what I’m saying is you don’t need two years for each and every single little decision in your life, because you’re creating those two years, and so you’re creating a seeming stagnancy for two years, a very, very similar reality every single day, you’re creating that, creating that, creating that, not realizing you’re creating it. You’re doing it innocently so. But you’re creating the same reality every day, and then you alter it slightly and slightly every day, but so slightly that we would call it waiting, we would call it “I’m just figuring out who I am for a couple years.” Not a bad thing per se, the intention is great, but the way of going about it is not as effective as it could be, not as efficient, not as fast.

So those two years that you place this reality in front of your own eyes all the time can also simply, in that sense, accelerate, speed up. You can start to decide something without having to need any permission from your patternized recreation of the old, until you know, seemingly for sure, that this is the right way to go. Again, you can’t feel whether your choice is right or not until you make the choice. So many people wait to feel right about their choice, and then they make the choice. And then it still doesn’t feel right. Now you waited two years. Congratulations! But you can also simply make that choice, not care about whether or not it is completely in alignment with who you truly are.

[51:23 is the beginning of Part 3, which we will explore in Part 3. Stay tuned!]

Interview with Matt Ciancimino, Co-founder of 4XMG Studios

Interview with Matt Ciancimino, Co-founder of 4XMG Studios

My favorite group meditation is held at 4XMG Studios in Nutley, NJ (led by Lou Redmond – click to read his interview). The room has such a good positive vibe and attracts people with a similar energy. I always have a wonderful experience meditating in this room and great conversations before and after the event.

I had the pleasure to meet the co-owner of the studio, Matt Ciancimino and hearing his story of how he started the studio.  He is a good example of taking that “leap of faith” and pursuing your passion without knowing how everything will turn out.

Despite his busy schedule, he took the time to answer my interview questions. Please welcome Matt and enjoy his story.


What was your life like before you came across the self-help tools that helped you?

My life was quite ordinary and “normal” by the standards of most.  I had been a sub par student in high school and the same went for college. However, I had excelled in leadership opportunities, for example by becoming the president of my fraternity.  Once I graduated, I started working a menial job to start paying my bills, which at the time was a culture shock for me, having never paid bills before.

That monotonous job led me to an opportunity to become a pharmaceutical salesman.  This career shift gave me some direction in my early 20’s and gave me nothing but great things.  Here I am, 24 years old, making 70-80k, full benefits, company car, and gas card.  To the general population I would have been considered “well-off” with nothing but opportunity at my doorstep.  As shocking as it may seem, with all this great stuff, I was left feeling unfulfilled.


What was the turning point for you that made you decide to seek other ways of handling things?

It wasn’t until I was “challenged” by my good friend Lou Redmond that I started to gain control of my life and control my reality.  This may have been around 2014 when Lou was in town visiting from San Diego.  We met to catch up, and I quickly began to tell him how “great” I was doing (i.e. Money, Car, Benefits, Gas Card).  After being excited, Lou replied “That’s great, but I didn’t know your goal was to become the best pharmaceutical rep in the world.”  I quickly snapped into defense mode and denial mode and told my buddy that I was “successful” and had worked hard to get all the stuff I now had.  We argued and he ended up leaving.  Little did I know, he had planted a seed that would end up growing stronger beyond my own comprehension.

About two weeks later I started to come to a startling realization: What was I thinking?  My passion was always in music and being in the music business, why the hell am I pursuing a career in pharmaceutical sales?!?  I began to explore music avenues and quickly was becoming less interested in the pharmaceutical work world.  This led to many great things in my life, including a career change.


Matt C Quote 2What self-help tools have you tried, and which one had the greatest impact on your life?

I have been practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for the past five years, and I credit a lot of my discipline and dedication to the sport.  I also read … A LOT.  The book that is a MUST READ for anyone looking to positively impact their lives would be Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill. This book most definitely had the greatest impact on my life.  I also think a lot of self-reflection is important for personal growth, and mindfulness meditation is a great tool to help reflect.


What challenges did you have to overcome in order to pursue your passion?

Matt C Quote 1Challenges are bitter sweet, ya gotta love ’em! I think the first real challenge that I had to overcome was realizing that I was living my life exactly how society had brainwashed me into believing was right (i.e. taking the “safe” job with a steady paycheck, working for the weekend, etc.). Once I realized that I had dreams and goals that were so far from these “norms” forced upon us by society, it was almost as if I had put glasses on and could now see the world clearly.

I think that is a huge challenge to overcome, realizing that the world has SO MUCH to offer, definitely so much more than a 9-5 job. I think rapper J. Cole put it best when talking about jobs and hourly wages—he said something along the lines of, “No matter how much you get paid an hour, your life is worth more than any dollar amount.” I took that and ran with it. Some other challenges I chalk up to “peaks and valleys” of pursuing your dreams and goals.

There are good days and bad days, but as long as I am creating my own reality, I am perfectly fine with challenges, because they teach you a lesson no matter what. When you overcome a challenge, you learn how to do so if you are TEMPORARILY defeated by challenges, you LEARN but never LOSE.


Explain what your product or service is about.

At 4XMG Studios, our mission is to empower your creativity and provide you with the tools needed to take your art to the next level. No matter your craft, there’s a reason why you’ve landed on our page. Whether you’re in pre-production (writing/creative), production (recording) or post-production (mixing/mastering), 4XMG Studios can bring your project to the next level. Think of our studio as your creative incubator. With services and accommodations including music production, song writing, audio recording, rehearsal space, editing bays, private venue space and more, we’re here to give you the inspiration and guidance to turn your dreams into reality.

Looking to host an event? (Yoga session, meditation class, casting audition, concert, showcase, etc.)

Or just need a private room? (Video editing, creative writing, photography/music video shoots, working space, etc.)

4XMG Studios’ expansive layout and modern-rustic design can accommodate your creative needs.


How can people learn more about it or contact you?


Twitter: @4XMG_

Instagram: @4XMG

Facebook: 4XMG Studios