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Imagineer Your Life – My Notes, Part 3

Imagineer Your Life – My Notes, Part 3

(This is Part 3 of a series of three posts. Please read my previous post for an introduction and my notes on Part 1 and Part 2 of this video.)

Here is an overview of Bentinho Massaro’s video, Imagineer Your Life:

Following are my notes from Part 3 of the video. My personal comments are in brackets; all other notes are direct quotes from the video I found meaningful. Enjoy!

Part 3 – Integrity v/s Following Your Heart (51:23 – 1:17:30)

[Skip to 51:23]

Bentinho Quote 1051:23 – Integrity and communication

You don’t have to break the laws of integrity in order to be what you wanna be. People often think that they do, but you don’t. Keeping yourself limited is not integrity. You’re here to be free. You’re here to generate your reality.

If there are seemingly only two options: either lose your integrity and follow your heart or keep your integrity and don’t follow your heart, then ask yourself for that higher, third, unseen, more creative option that comes from a higher dimensional way of thinking, outside of the box. There’s always that option where your integrity can be maintained or can be improved upon, even, while you’re actually making the choices that your heart wants to make.

When it comes to relationships with people, communication is the very simple answer. People always feel stuck in their agreements. Use your lips to communicate what your heart is saying, and you’ll be surprised how many agreements you can simply change, respectfully so, and how you can actually liberate the other party too, because nobody wants you there if you don’t wanna be there. It goes for any type of contracts or relationships. You’re not productive, you’re not energetically exciting, you’re not mutually beneficial, it’s not a relationship anymore. So do them a favor and follow your heart.


Bentinho Quote 1153:49 – Perpetual state of acceleration

When you stop waiting, you start accelerating and you actually start to find out who you are, because it’s a fun process, it’s a roller coaster ride. You keep recreating your reality every day, and every day will be very different from the previous day. It becomes so fast that you won’t recognize yourself or your friends anymore from two days ago. That’s not a problem, unless you define it in such a way. But it’s actually very exciting. You can’t remember, not really, who you were two days ago.

Imagine being in such a perpetual state of acceleration and move and changes. It becomes so your default mode of being that two days later  you have changed as an average person would change not even in twenty years, energetically, vibrationally, personality-wise, physically-wise, circumstantially. After twenty years, do you recognize yourself as of twenty years ago? Not really. It doesn’t feel real anymore. It feels like a very distant memory. Now you have that experience every two days. It can be a little scary at first, but once you get used to it, it becomes very exciting.


Bentinho Quote 1257:44 Depression

So accelerate! You don’t accelerate in the path of your depression. Depression feels slow, it feels heavy, and it’s okay, if it comes up it’s fine. Love it, embrace it, let it be there. But as you let it be there, you see that it’s pasted onto the canvas of your creation, it’s not who you are. Crucial difference. When depression comes up, you know very clearly that it’s one of those experiences that you made manifest so that you can very clearly distinguish who you are and who you’re not, what is true and what is not true. Anything that does not feel good is fundamentally, vibrationally out of alignment with the truth of your being. That is why it feels bad.

There cannot be a wrong circumstance, because every circumstance is an equally valid and empty and neutral expression of infinity. There cannot ever be something inherently wrong with your circumstances. You only feel bad because your beliefs about what you’re seeing are untrue, because your beliefs about who you are in relationship to what you see are untrue. Your state of being is being randomly operated, you’re not conscious of it, you’re not intending who you wish to be. You’re not deciding what is true. You’re not pasting on to your creation who you are. You’re not seeing your preference. That’s why you feel bad. That’s why you slow down. That’s why you become depressed.


Bentinho Quote 131:02:15 – Pain and healing

Good feelings are versions of you getting closer in alignment with the frequency that is always present as a wall, it’s this barometer as this constant feel that you’re inundated with that you can’t perceive. But as soon as you create something that’s not in alignment with it you will feel it as pain, as suffering, as struggle.

If you learn from that, see that you manifested that reality so that you can know that it’s not who you are, and you can simply start to see, feel and be without having to even harken back to your traumas and all these things, but simply start creating something new. Start shifting your reality, your identity, until your traumas become so far a thing of the past parallel self that they’re no longer yours and then you’re healed.

“Staying with it” does not heal you; you’ll “stay with it.” Here’s the thing: you cannot take something that hurts and remove it from existence. That’s what many people think healing is. You cannot take something that exists and make it non-existent, it’s impossible! So healing does not exist. You can’t heal something that is. Something that is already is what it is and will always be present in that parallel frequency reality. Why? Because it offers many different consciousnesses, many different experiences that they choose to experience by their vibrational match. You cannot take your trauma and heal it, it’s meant to be a traumatic experience. That’s what it’s there for, to offer people traumatic experiences.

If you wish to heal yourself, you need to understand that you are a different vibrational reality now. And when you know that, that now just seems like a distant memory that you can’t really connect to anymore. It just feels like it’s just an image on the screen. But you can’t feel it and be it, because your vibration is so far moved on into a different higher vibrational reality that you now feel completely healed without ever “staying with that trauma.” You spiritually bypassed your way into healing!

I’m not saying it’s not a good practice to sometimes experience the feelings that come up and “sit with them,” but not for too long, just to gain experience, just to see what it’s like to look at your painting and not really enjoy what you’re seeing. But with a smile on your face and knowing that it’s your painting over there and it’s not who you are; in fact, it’s showing you more and more that that’s not who you are, because it’s not feeling good. But you don’t stay with it and try to somehow eradicate it from existence by your loving gaze. Your loving gaze will only help you because the love that is in your gaze will shift your frequency to a reality where you’re no longer in touch with that reality, so you feel healed and you create the illusion of “Oh my God, I healed my trauma!” No, it’s still there! Dig hard enough and you’ll find it. It’s right there, waiting for you, if you want it to be. If you want to experience it again, you can.


Bentinho Quote 141:06:20 – Choices v/s other people

Let people have their choice, you choose yours, and through your example of choosing your reality, you’re actually freeing people up from the idea that they’re stuck in theirs. Because they see you move so fast, they see you change so fast. They see you actually be wise, ecstatic, and mature yet without sacrificing your integrity at the same time, and they’re scratching their heads. “Wow, you can actually follow your heart and still be a good kid?” No, actually you can’t. You cannot be a good boy, you cannot be a good girl, just the heads up, if you wish to follow your heart. It’s not possible. The good thing is, your ideas about what it means to be a good boy or a good girl will change.

Being a good girl or a good boy is not the same as maintaining integrity, it’s something completely different. So can you follow your dreams to the fullest of your ability, without ever having to sacrifice in your integrity towards other beings and the agreements you have in your realities? Absolutely! Can you become more free without ever being a rebel? No, absolutely not. No way will you be more of yourself if you don’t dare to step outside of the box.

If people choose to feel bad about the choices that you make for your own life without ever touching theirs, that is their choice. Will I be loved? Yes. Will I be appreciated for it? No, probably not. But that is their choice. You also become very clear on where that invisible boundary is of where your free will ends and someone else’s starts. This is very mixed up in our society. That’s why we all feel so stuck in having to maintain each other’s feelings. If I don’t step on your toes, you won’t step on mine, and we’ll never ever learn a single thing about creation, and we’ll never have fun, but at least we won’t be hurt. So let’s hurt ourselves all the time by not being who we are so that we don’t have to hurt each other. That is our people’s vision of what it’s like to maintain integrity and free will. In reality it doesn’t work that way. I am free to make my choices, and you are free to make your choices. It’s as simple as that.


Bentinho Quote 151:10:32 – Definition of integrity

Where have you actually made a promise? You’d be surprised how very little promises you’ve actually made. But we think we’ve made a lot of them. We feel responsible for a lot of things. So when you feel a change of energy come up. or an expansion of energy, or a different choice, all you need to do is simply sense into that, and yes, you can be as respectful as you can be, meaning that if you feel that the other being or the other company or the other contract somehow assumes something from your promise, even though maybe it has never been verbalized, then of course, communicate that. It feels good, it feels loving, it feels like it’s maintaining your integrity. Maybe you postpone following your dream for a day or two, or for an hour or two, or for the extent of that conversation, but that’s worth it. It makes you feel good, and it teaches you compassion and love and all these things. You communicate as clearly as you can what is true for you, and you see what happens in that dialogue. But at the core of your being, you always know that you are free to choose your reality, and you don’t have any actual energetic physical ties to any other reality. So you simply communicate that, and then you go about your business.

My definition of integrity is a) infinite abundance: you don’t have to deprive anyone else of what they desire in order to gain what you desire, in other words, you don’t have to steal someone’s happiness, compare, be competitive, take away anything from anyone else; and b) clear communication: you respect the fact that you’ve signed up to be part of this collective, and so you understand that people do assume certain things, so you bring as clear of a communication to that situation as you can while realizing that at the heart of it you have free choice and they have free choice, and that you’re not responsible for anyone else’s feelings or for even the contracts that you’re in, but you simply have to communicate those changes, otherwise you may not feel as good about your choice.

If it comes to the point where the other person does not want that clear insight, then you have to make a choice. Either you submit yourself to their reality because you feel that otherwise you would hurt them or something like that, or you go about your way anyway, realizing that they choose to not want that clarity and they want to keep that victimization story going. You have been very clear with them, and then in a sense the ball is in their corner. If they still wish to continue to believe these things about that idea, then they can. At some point you have to draw the line, cut those ties. But before you do that, do your utmost to communicate as clearly as you can and to respect the assumptions they may have.


1:17.30 – Questions from the audience (until the end)

[There is good content in his answers, but I’m leaving it out because it’s long and tedious to listen to.]

Imagineer Your Life – My Notes, Part 2

Imagineer Your Life – My Notes, Part 2

(This is Part 2 of a series of three posts. Please read my previous post for an introduction and my notes on Part 1 of this video.)

Here is an overview of Bentinho Massaro’s video, Imagineer Your Life:

Following are my notes from Part 2 of the video. My personal comments are in brackets; all other notes are direct quotes from the video I found meaningful. Enjoy!

Part 2 – Decide Who You Are (38:00-51:23)

[skip the first section and start at 38:00]

Bentinho Quote 638:00 – Splash your paint onto this reality

If you can do this, a lot of your questions will simply fade away. They become irrelevant. You only have questions because you believe you can’t be who you wish to be, you can’t have what you believe you desire, but as soon as you start to decide who you are, tune in to what feels the truest for you, and become that being, all questions become naturally answered. You stop doubting yourself.

It’s just like a canvas. You don’t like what you painted? Just paint over it, and paint over it again. If the canvas becomes too heavy because of all the layers, throw it out, get a new canvas, start fresh. You don’t like half of what you see? Change the other half. Suddenly it doesn’t make sense anymore? Paint over it all over again. Do this constantly.

When you keep in your mind’s eye only what you prefer to see, that’s quite literally how you energetically splash your paint onto this reality. When you choose to just be random and confused and let other people decide for you who you are, then of course life is going to look like a chaotic mess. What you see is who you are.


Bentinho Quote 740:00 You don’t need training.

It’s not that difficult. It’s quite simple of a process. You see it, you feel it, and you be it, that’s how you imagineer your life. It’s not that hard. It’s always been that easy. You have already done this. This is not a new process. You don’t even necessarily need training in creating your environment, because that’s what you’re doing right now, otherwise you would not have this experience of me speaking to you.

Right now you’re placing all these molecules exactly where they are. I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s true. Reality is shaped by consciousness. There’s no reality apart from consciousness, and consciousness immediately influences everything that appears within it, like in your dream at night.

That’s what you’re doing all the time, on a different level of your consciousness, which you call the unconscious mind, but really it’s a higher conscious mind. It simply is unconscious to our conscious mind, because our “conscious” conscious mind is of a lower frequency, so it’s not conscious of the higher consciousness, therefore to our conscious mind it’s called the unconscious mind. But really, what’s unconscious to us is very, very highly conscious on its own level, and sometimes we have glimpses of this. We call that awakening moments, or glimpses of God, or whatever you want to call it, experiencing like life is a dream, a lucid waking dream.

These experiences can become more integrated, more constant, an actual part of your state of being, of your understanding of how reality works. You don’t need training in manifesting, you can’t become better at that. You’re perfect at it, absolutely flawless, so flawless that you don’t even notice your’e doing it. What you need training in is to learn to not be in a numbed down state of not knowing who you are.


Bentinho Quote 843:20 Know yourself

All you need to do is know who you are, and how do you know yourself? By deciding who you are, not by figuring it out so much. That’s overrated. If you are in the state of figuring out who you are, I promise you, you will always be in some version of that state. Through deciding who you are, you will find out more of who you actually are, because as you choose to manifest your reality more consciously, very acutely you start to feel what resonates and what does not resonate. Through that contrast you start to know who you actually are, but not by sitting down and having all the questions from your childhood come up, and then try to figure out through that mess who you are.

You need to first become more specific, more precise, more decisive, more determined, you need to choose who it is you wish to be. What do you base that off of? Of your best knowledge available to you in this moment, which requires only one question: What excites me the most at this time? That’s your guidance line into more of who you truly are.

As you manifest who you are, suddenly you sense a little misalignment. It doesn’t feel like quite who I wish to be. All right, great! Based on this newfound knowledge of who I am, not through trying to figure it out but simply by choosing who I am, what happens is that now I’m clear on what resonates and what does not. I’m clear on who I am and who I’m not. And so now that you are clear, it becomes even easier and even more exciting to see it, feel it, and be it. And you keep recreating this process and fine tuning it. This is an endless journey.

If you want to know who you are, try out one version that excites you the most at this point, and then you’ll see what about it truly is exciting, what about it truly feels in integrity and in alignment with your true being, and what, from that, is simply old school thinking, old school believing, old school feeling, old school being.


Bentinho Quote 947:45 – Waiting v/s deciding

[I took a lot of notes here, because this resonated with what I’ve been through recently and spoke to me directly, almost in a spooky way. Why wait two years? Those who know me closely will know what I’m referring to …]

Waiting is for losers, respectfully so, and by losers I mean people that will not ever discover who they are because they won’t find out. You can’t find out by asking questions. You have to find out by determining who you are. So stop losing the game of figuring out who you are and start actually figuring out who you are by deciding who it is that you are and pasting it on to your reality. Don’t wait! What are you waiting for? What could you potentially be waiting for if this is your creation?

If  it’s not your own creation, I completely agree. Keep on waiting, keep on questioning, keep on figuring out, keep on asking other people that actually exist out there, that know how reality actually works. Yes, if that was actually the case, then that would be the way to go, I agree. But since you’re placing this inside of your own consciousness  all the time, and you’re always guided, you’re always creating your own reality, then in what way does it make any sense to wait? You’d only be waiting for your own choice. You’d only be waiting until you give yourself permission to make that decision.

You may need to create all these people telling you all kinds of things for years and years and years, and you’re weighing out the pros and cons of your decision, of your excitement. Shall I take this passionate decision or shall I not? All this time you’re just playing a game with yourself until you give yourself permission to come to a point where you can say, “Ah, okay, now I know the answer!” And then you make the change, and then your reality changes. And then a new set of questions arise. This is natural. However what I’m saying is you don’t need two years for each and every single little decision in your life, because you’re creating those two years, and so you’re creating a seeming stagnancy for two years, a very, very similar reality every single day, you’re creating that, creating that, creating that, not realizing you’re creating it. You’re doing it innocently so. But you’re creating the same reality every day, and then you alter it slightly and slightly every day, but so slightly that we would call it waiting, we would call it “I’m just figuring out who I am for a couple years.” Not a bad thing per se, the intention is great, but the way of going about it is not as effective as it could be, not as efficient, not as fast.

So those two years that you place this reality in front of your own eyes all the time can also simply, in that sense, accelerate, speed up. You can start to decide something without having to need any permission from your patternized recreation of the old, until you know, seemingly for sure, that this is the right way to go. Again, you can’t feel whether your choice is right or not until you make the choice. So many people wait to feel right about their choice, and then they make the choice. And then it still doesn’t feel right. Now you waited two years. Congratulations! But you can also simply make that choice, not care about whether or not it is completely in alignment with who you truly are.

[51:23 is the beginning of Part 3, which we will explore in Part 3. Stay tuned!]

Imagineer Your Life – My Notes, Part 1

Imagineer Your Life – My Notes, Part 1

I recently came across a video from Bentinho Massaro called Imagineer Your Life, and I am amazed by its content. Bentinho is a very young spiritual teacher (I believe he’s 28), and yet his teachings have such depth we normally find in older, more experienced teachers, and yet they are also easy to understand and apply in our lives immediately. I kept thinking to myself, Where did this guy come from, and how did I not hear about him earlier? I want to give more people the opportunity to benefit from his teachings.

This two-hour video is about imagineering your life, which he defines as “engineering your life according to your imagination.” Because it’s such a long video, I broke it down into three parts to make it easier to absorb, and pulled the most meaningful quotes from each section. My personal comments are in brackets.

I left the whole questions/answers section out. There is good content in his answers, but I find it a bit long to listen to. His lecture itself is a total of about an hour:

So here are my notes from Part 1 of the video. Enjoy!

Part 1 – See, Feel, and Be the Frequency of Your Choice (12:42 – 38:00)

[skip the first 12 minutes of silence]

Bentinho Quote 112:42 – Recap of last speech and short meditation

[This section is a recap of his previous video: Become a Manifestation Powerhouse.]

You can start to see only what you prefer to see. The power in this is twofold:

1. Your subjective experience of life changes immediately

2. You’re no longer taking any cues from your circumstances

Meditation: Relax, take a deep breath, and ask your heart why it is you are here. If you could only experience one state of being for the rest of your life, one type of existence, one mode of being, only one, what would that be? What’s the most life giving? What connects you the most to who you really are?


Bentinho Quote 216:30 – Choose to see, feel, and become that state of being

The longer you imagine something, the more you start feeling it, and the more you feel it the more you become it, the more you start to exude it, the more you start to become that in your behavior, in your actions, in your state of being, in your speech, in your thoughts, in your beliefs. All those aspects of your personality start to reflect this chosen state of being.

Everything else will start to warp itself around that. Literally, you are at the center of a vortex, in a sense, and everything else just revolves around your center of gravity, your center of being. So whatever you place within that center is inevitably going to dictate the flow of that cyclone, of that vortex, of that energy attraction point.


Bentinho Quote 318:40 – Anchor yourself in the frequency of your choice

Instead of seeing what you think is actually there, you paste your new frequency onto that. Meaning, you completely disregard what’s going on. You’re not taking your cue from what’s occurring. You’re not basing anything off of what other people would suggest is happening right now.

You become fearless, in a way you become courageous, you become determined, you become bold, you become free.

You anchor yourself in the frequency of your choice, tune into that—see it, until you start feeling it, and when you feel it, you start to be it, and then your bring that with you into everyday life. You only see your preference.

And when your actions and your behavior become so attuned to your chosen frequency of being, then your circumstances will have to reflect that.

If you keep responding to that moment how you would in your ideal chosen state of being, then that state of being will start to spill out into your environment and it will start to rearrange, literally rearrange, the space-time structure of your existence.


Bentinho Quote 421:31 – Energy does not have a will of its own

Energy, which is in everything, does not have a will of its own. Circumstances cannot impose upon you anything; they never have. Every single choice you made was made based on your own beliefs, your own perceptions. It may have seemed like it was somehow indicated by circumstances, but this has never actually been the case.

Since energy does not have a will of its own, it does not have an intention for your life. It does not have an inherent sense of meanings and values. It is up to you, as consciousness, to determine what life is like. In every moment, it takes its cues from you, from your state of being, from your choices, from your behavior.

Seeing things is a great start. Feeling things is even better. But being things is what actually generates that change and creation, what actually pastes your chosen frequency, your chosen reality, your chosen heaven, if you will, onto earth, onto circumstances.


Bentinho Quote 524:40 Guided meditation and recap about seeing, feeling, and being

[Listen to the guided meditation. It’s hard to tell where the meditation actually ends, but I recommend listening to it until he suggests to “try it out tonight” – which, for me, signals the end of the visualization. Following are my notes about what he says during the meditation.]

What would be the most exciting scenario for you, the most exciting circumstance for you to fully manifest your chosen quality of being into?

The more you tune in to that chosen vision of yourself in your environment, the more you start to download feelings that belong to that reality, that belong to that parallel self of yours.

Anything you desire is already hidden inside of your consciousness as a potential projection of who you are.

Bring into the mix the knowledge that this is actually possible, otherwise you would not be able to tune into it. If you’re able to tune into it, it must be within your frequency range of what’s possible for you to make manifest. So bring with you the feeling that what you’re seeing is actually highly probable for you if you let it in. If you allow it to become manifest, it’s actually highly certain that this will become who you are, and that is exciting.

You’re in a sense connecting two parallel realities to each other: the one that you’ve assumed yourself to be at this time, and the one you’ve not yet fully assumed yourself to be, but which you have the ability to access through consciousness, through imagination.

As you start to feel it, and you start to choose to actually become it, your behavior needs to change accordingly. Your motive being, the way you carry yourself throughout life needs to reflect this vision of yourself. It cannot be the way you’ve behaved up until this point.

The joy of being a co-creator of existence is to make it complete, to complete that circle of creation, from non-physical all the way down into the seemingly physical nature of reality.

[38:00 is the beginning of Part 2, which we will explore in my next post. Stay tuned!]

Rumi: The Guest House

Rumi: The Guest House

This weekend I watched a movie about Rumi, a Persian poet who lived eight hundred years ago. He is one of the most widely read poet in the U.S. I became fascinated by his story and his work. You can read more about him on this page.

I’m not personally a big fan of poems, but I’ve heard about Rumi so many times in mindfulness circles and I’ve come across many quotes from him that I really like, so I decided to learn more. Here is one of my favorites:


His poems are nothing like I’ve ever read. One of them called The Guest House really resonates with what I’ve learned recently. It’s about making space for your feelings, whatever they might be. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

The Guest House

This being human is a guest house.

Every morning a new arrival.

A joy, a depression, a meanness,

some momentary awareness comes

as an unexpected visitor.

Welcome and entertain them all!

Even if they are a crowd of sorrows,

who violently sweep your house

empty of its furniture,

still, treat each guest honorably.

He may be clearing you out

for some new delight.

The dark thought, the shame, the malice.

meet them at the door laughing and invite them in.

Be grateful for whatever comes.

because each has been sent

as a guide from beyond.

~ Jellaludin Rumi

(translation by Coleman Barks)

Do You Need Validation?

Do You Need Validation?

For Christmas, my fifteen-year-old daughter gave me a little book that really made me happy. On each page, she completed the sentence by adding personalized comments about why she loves me. After all we’ve been through, this totally made my day!!

Appreciation and support can totally change someone’s day and put a smile on his or her face.

This reminded me of my favorite short film, by Kurt Kuenne, called Validation.

Do you need validation? This will make you SMILE! And don’t forget to pay it forward and express appreciation to someone today.

Make sure you visit Kurt Kuenne’s website for more of his awesome videos.

Question of the week: It feels really good to receive validation from someone else, but how do you validate yourself? Answer in comments, or just meditate on this question.