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Review: Meditation in New Jersey with Lou and Kelly

Review: Meditation in New Jersey with Lou and Kelly

Meditation in NJIn a Nutshell

The meditation sessions are held at a music studio in Nutley, NJ, and draw people from all ages, from a mix of backgrounds. Both regulars and newcomers are welcome. Typically each event attracts 15-25 people.

The theme and guided meditation are different every time. Lou and Kelly love to explore new themes and meditation methods, and sometimes surprise us with little extras, such as crystal bowls, Qigong, or music.

How It Works

The event starts with Lou and Kelly introducing themselves and what the group is about, followed by a discussion on the theme of the day. Participants are encouraged to ask questions, make comments, or share stories. Then Lou dims the light and everyone settles comfortably on their chair for a twenty-minute guided meditation. The session concludes with everyone sharing their experience, then mingling and chatting over tea if they wish. The event itself lasts about an hour, with people often staying an extra hour to chat at the end.


I found this meditation group on Meetup when it first started in November 2016, and I was hooked after my first time attending. I’ve been attending every meditation since then and only missed one so far.

When I first started attending, I was pleasantly surprised to see many participants in their 20s, probably because Lou and Kelly are both in that age group and appeal to a younger audience than the typical meditation group. It gave me hope to see people discovering meditation so early in their lives. I brought my daughters (15 and 20) several times and they love it.

4XMGI love the energy in this room, which is also a recording studio, or like the owners call it, a “creative incubator.” When going up the rickety stairs leading to the studio, no one would expect such a beautiful, classy space. People mingle and chat way after the event is over, and it seems like no one wants to leave this magical place. We get gently urged to leave when there is an artist or a band scheduled to use the room after us. Otherwise we’d probably talk until midnight!

If you’re looking for a good meditation experience, meaningful connections, lively conversations, and a beautiful space where “being present” is easy because you really want to be there, this is the place to be.


I don’t have anything negative to say about this event, except that it’s highly addictive!

Mastermind Behind This Method

Meditation transformed Lou Redmond’s life three years ago and has been the catalyst for him to leave his job and pursue his dreams. He moved from San Diego to his home state of NJ at the end of 2016 and he is excited to spread its positive benefits. Lou wrote a book about his transformation, from working 9 to 5 and partying every weekend to becoming a meditation leader, yoga teacher, and inspirational speaker, helping others to also find their truth.

With a healthy obsession for pushing her comfort zone, Kelly Margerum’s adventurous spirit has carved out a path deeply rooted in connection and personal growth. After receiving her doctorate in physical therapy, she continues to travel throughout the US as a physical therapist while teaching yoga and assisting others on their own self-discovery journey. She also conducts weekly workshops and meditations. Her experience leading and attending adventure retreats lights up her soul and intensifies her vision to create a space for individuals to not only explore the world but to discover deeper depths within themselves.

To Learn More

Join us for the next meditation and see for yourself why I’m raving about this event!

Upcoming meditations are posted on Meetup: Meditation in New Jersey and on Facebook: Meditation in New Jersey.

Whether you are in the area or not, request to join the Facebook group to join in the conversation and connect with like-minded people.

Lou’s website:

Kelly’s Facebook: Kelly Ann Margerum

Kelly’s Instagram: Kelltchup

Review: Dream Interpretation Workshop with Jefferson Harman

Review: Dream Interpretation Workshop with Jefferson Harman

In a Nutshell

I had the pleasure to meet Jefferson Harman on several occasions, and I’m impressed by his insights not only on dream interpretation but also on life in general.

The dream interpretation workshop I attended allowed each participant to either ask questions or have one dream interpreted. Everything is confidential, so everyone feels safe to share their dreams or questions, which sometimes address deeper issues we don’t normally talk about.



Before attending Jefferson’s workshop, I didn’t see the use of remembering my dreams and writing them down, and I didn’t pay much attention to them, unless they were very clear and highly symbolic. He explained that if you don’t pay attention to your dreams, you are missing out on a lot of insights from your Inner Wisdom. The more you intend to remember your dreams, the more you remember and understand them. It’s like a conversation between you and your Higher Self. If you listen, it will communicate more and enrich your life with precious insights and feedback. After attending Jefferson’s workshop, I started remembering my dreams a lot more and writing them down.

Listening to his interpretation of not only my dream (which had been puzzling me for over a year) but of other people’s dreams helped me understand how they can help us. A dream dictionary is good for a start, but it doesn’t take into consideration the whole dream, what the symbol means to you personally, how you feel, and your current situation. Jefferson’s skills and intuition was impressive and allowed participants to find out what the dream means and how to use the information it contains.

I cannot give any examples because everything was confidential, but I will just say that I witnessed some healing taking place as a participant was taken back to her childhood where her recurring dreams started. Jefferson helped her identify the source of that dream so she could address it and be free from it. He explained that recurring dreams are a way for our Inner Wisdom to repeat the message when we don’t get it the first time.

Jefferson interpreted in a few minutes a dream I had been trying to understand for over a year. It makes so much sense, and revealed information I can use in my current situation. It contained the key to my problem. I wish I had known earlier!



The only limitation I can think of is that once I started remembering my dreams more, I was flooded with new information, and one of my dream’s emotions were so strong it woke me up at 4:00 a.m. It definitely got my attention! I took the time to write it down and as I did, its meaning became clearer. I’m so fascinated by my mind’s cleverness in conveying messages in a way I can accept and understand, if I take the time to go within and listen. I could use more sleep, though. I was tired the following day.

My point is, if your intention is to grow and heal and evolve, his workshops will definitely help you. If your intention is to stay where you are and protect yourself from pain, this workshop may not be for you.


Jefferson HarmanMastermind Behind This Method

Jefferson Harman is a symbolic intuitive, dream interpreter, radio personality and writer who reads the symbols present in your dreams and everyday life. By interpreting this invisible language, he identifies your blocks and challenges and ways to overcome them. He has been actively studying the relationships among metaphysics, psychology and anatomy for over twenty-five years.

Jefferson is available for private readings in person, by phone and through Skype. He conducts workshops on various topics, including dream interpretation, overcoming your phobias, and the healing power of the mindIn his workshop series, New Thoughts, New Lives®, Jefferson explores the transformative power of affirmation. He also teaches workshops in origami as a meditation tool to promote world peace.


How It Works

Do you have a dream you would like interpreted? Can’t recall your dreams and want to learn how? Would you like to connect with someone who has passed on through your dreams? What’s the best way to keep a dream journal? Are you experiencing phobias or dealing with issues in your waking life that you can’t seem to work out? Are you interested in lucid dreaming? Find the answers to all these questions and more with Jefferson Harman in this unique, interactive workshop. If you do not have to a dream to interpret, all thoughts and questions about your dreams are welcome.


To Learn More

Listen to Life Unedited – Dream Interpretation LIVE on the Radio, Every first Saturday of the month. 11:00 a.m. WCHE Radio 1520 AM – Click here to listen LIVE online (Mac users go here). Call in with your questions! 610-701-WCHE (9243)

You can also find Jefferson at Star Dreams Café, home of the exciting, new internet based TV show, Dreaming With… co-hosted by Adam Rothenberg (Call Me Adam) and Jefferson Harman (Everyday Symbology Podcast, Life Unedited Radio). Each episode will feature an inside look at the lives and dreams of today’s artists, writers, and entertainers. This unique dream interpretation/interview series is filmed on location at the famed Algonquin Hotel in New York City’s historic theater district.

Jefferson’s upcoming events are listed on my site, under Local Events.

Listen to Jefferson’s podcast with Jerry Hocek, publisher of the Bergen/Passaic edition of Natural Awakenings magazine about How to Thrive in Transitional Times.

Website: Everyday Symbology

Facebook: Jefferson Harman LaSala

Twitter: @JeffersonHarman

Product Review: Inner Bonding

Product Review: Inner Bonding

I discovered the Inner Bonding method through #JoyTrain on Twitter. After reading a few articles on the website, I decided to sign up for the free seven-day course. I liked it so much that I also took the thirty-day Love Yourself class. This review is about the free course, which is an introduction to the six steps of Inner Bonding.


In a Nutshell

Inner Bonding is a self-healing process that teaches you how to take 100% responsibility for your feelings and how to move into the intent to learn from them instead of resisting or controlling them. It involves dialoguing with your Inner Child (core self) and being in touch with your feelings so that you can nurture yourself during hard times and manage your painful feelings (sadness, grief, heartache, fear in face of a real danger, and so on), which are inevitable while going through life. It also teaches you to dialogue with your wounded self (the system of beliefs you have developed to protect from pain) to find out what you are telling yourself that are making you feel worried, anxious, angry, and so on. The method also teaches you to connect to your Inner Guidance to find out what loving action you can take toward yourself or others, and then evaluate the results of that action.

Masterminds Behind This Method

The Inner Bonding method was co-created by Dr. Erika Chopich and Dr. Margaret Paul. Here is a brief bio from the Inner Bonding website:

Margaret holds a Ph.D. in psychology and is a relationship expert, noted public speaker, workshop leader, educator, chaplain, consultant and artist. She has appeared on many radio and TV shows, including the Oprah show. She has successfully worked with thousands of individuals, couples and business relationships and taught classes and seminars since 1967. Dr. Paul is the author/co-author of several best-selling books, including Do I Have To Give Up Me to Be Loved By You?Inner Bonding, Healing Your AlonenessThe Healing Your Aloneness WorkbookDo I Have To Give Up Me to Be Loved By My Kids?, and Do I Have To Give Up Me To Be Loved By God? Dr. Paul’s books have been distributed around the world and have been translated into eleven languages.

Dr. Chopich holds a Ph.D. in psychology, is a best-selling author, and an ordained Chaplain. She has worked extensively with the homeless population around the country. Erika has a medical background and before practicing as a psychotherapist, she was an administrator for the Los Angeles Free Clinic. In addition to working with individuals, groups, and business mediation, Erika is an accomplished speaker and seminar leader. She has appeared on many radio and TV shows, including the Oprah show. She is co-author of Healing Your Aloneness and the Healing Your Aloneness Workbook, which have been translated into seven languages and are bestsellers in Germany.

Click here to find out more about Dr. Paul and Dr. Chopich.

How It Works

This two-minute video briefly explains the six steps of Inner Bonding.

Here is an overview of each of the six steps, from the Inner Bonding website:

Step 1: Willingness to Feel Pain and Take Responsibility for Your Feelings

In Step 1, you move into the present moment and focus within, tuning into your feelings and emotions. You make the choice to be mindful of all your feelings, including your painful feelings, rather than protect against them with substance and process addictions. You make a conscious decision that you WANT to take responsibility for your feelings, which means that you want responsibility for learning how you are causing your own anxiety, depression, anger, guilt and shame with your own thoughts and actions, and that you want responsibility for learning how to nurture the painful feelings of life – the loneliness, heartbreak and grief that are so challenging. This begins the process of opening you up to receive the positive energy that enlivens and sustains you.

Step 2: Move into the Intent to Learn

In Step 2, you focus in your heart and invite the compassionate presence of your higher self into your heart. Now you’re ready to focus on “intent” – your deepest desire, your primary motivation. There are only two possible intents you can have in any given moment: the intent to protect yourself from pain or the intent to learn about loving yourself. When you are in the intent to learn you are a loving Adult. When you are in the intent to protect and avoid, you are operating from your shame-based ego wounded self. This commitment to your intention to learn fully opens you up and allows you to connect with your feelings and your higher self.

Step 3: Dialogue with Your Wounded self and Core Self

With kindness, gentleness and compassion toward yourself, you discover the thoughts/false beliefs from your wounded self that may be causing your shame, fear and pain, and you learn how to release anger and pain in appropriate ways. You uncover false beliefs that were created in the past and have led to the self-abandonment that is causing your current pain and shame. You explore what may be happening with a person or event that is causing the core painful feelings of loneliness, heartache, heartbreak, helplessness, or grief. You explore your core Self – your essence, your inner child, which is your feeling self – and discover what brings you joy. Only when the unconscious false beliefs that have limited you for so long are understood and identified, can they be replaced by new and healthier truths that will nurture and heal you. In Step 3, you ask yourself questions, such as, “What am I trying to control?” “What am I avoiding feeling with my protective, controlling behavior?”

Step 4: Dialogue with Your Higher Guidance

In Step 4, you ask your spiritual guidance (whatever that is for you): “What is the truth about the thoughts/false beliefs I may have uncovered in Step 3?” And, “What is the loving behavior toward my Inner Child in this situation? What is in my highest good? What is kind to myself?” You open and allow the answers to come through you in words, pictures or feelings. The answers may not come immediately, but if you have a sincere desire to learn, they will come. By staying open to learning, you experience that you are never alone. This is where fears fall away and you begin to receive all the love and wisdom you need to take loving action for yourself and with others.

Step 5: Take Loving Action

Step 5 is about telling yourself the truth and taking the loving action based on the information that came through from your guidance in Step 4. You have opened to your pain, moved into learning, started a dialogue with your wounded self and core self, and tapped into your spiritual guidance. In step 5 you take the ‘loving action’ that, over time, heals the shame, anxiety and depression that have been the result of your self-abandonment.

Step 6: Evaluate Your Action

Once you take the loving action, you check in to see if your pain, anger and shame are getting healed. If not, you go back through the steps until you discover the truth and actions that bring you peace, joy, and a deep sense of intrinsic worth. Turning this daily practice into a way of life is what will protect you from going back into the behaviors and patterns from the past. Much like attending to – say – a child’s feelings, you learn to keep a loving relationship with yourself throughout your life, no matter the challenges that come at you. This loving relationship with yourself and your guidance fills you and empowers you to handle life’s challenges with strength and equanimity.


What I appreciate the most from this method is learning the distinction between core-self feelings, which are inevitable as we go through life (such as heartache when someone is not open to connect with you), and wounded-self feelings (such as anxiety from a danger that is not real or immediate), which we create by our own thoughts and beliefs. I was able to list eight feelings I had at the time, then find out what beliefs I had that was causing my wounded-self feelings. With the help of my Inner Guidance (which was always there, but I just didn’t know how to access it), I rephrased those old beliefs that were no longer serving me. I was also able to nurture myself, to stay present with my painful feelings instead of ignoring them or trying to control them.

Since taking this course, I feel a lot more at peace and in touch with my feelings. I no longer try to avoid them but instead I am open to learning what message they have for me, knowing that I have access to my Inner Guidance, which I picture as a beautiful bright light, to help me deal with them. When I look at my list of eight feelings from just a few months ago, I can cross out most of them, and replace them with joy, relief, hope, and confidence. And when I go through painful feelings again (which is inevitable on this planet), I will know how to handle them better than I did in the past.

I made picture quotes from Inner Bonding materials I came across (articles, course, videos). They remind me of the important lessons I’ve learned from this program.


If you have suffered extreme trauma or abuse, it is not recommended that you do this process alone. Dialoguing with your Inner Child can bring back very intense painful feelings and memories, and professional help is needed to be able to deal with this level of pain.

The free class is good in itself, but I gained a lot more by taking the thirty-day Loving Yourself course, which dives deeper in each of the six steps. It was worth every penny. I received an e-mail each day, with in-depth lessons and links to videos or audio files and an action step to do every day to practice what we’ve learned, access to a forum where participants posted their questions and comments daily and Margaret answered, a weekly conference call where Margaret answered everyone’s questions sent ahead of time. I couldn’t have learned all that just by taking the free course.

To Learn More

Visit the Inner Bonding website for more information about this free course and other Inner Bonding products, including courses, forum, free articles and videos, books, and live events.

For quick access, here are some useful pages you may want to visit first:

What is Inner Bonding?

Free articles and videos

Free seven-day course

Connect with Margaret Paul on social media: