Imagineer Your Life – My Notes, Part 1

Imagineer Your Life – My Notes, Part 1

I recently came across a video from Bentinho Massaro called Imagineer Your Life, and I am amazed by its content. Bentinho is a very young spiritual teacher (I believe he’s 28), and yet his teachings have such depth we normally find in older, more experienced teachers, and yet they are also easy to understand and apply in our lives immediately. I kept thinking to myself, Where did this guy come from, and how did I not hear about him earlier? I want to give more people the opportunity to benefit from his teachings.

This two-hour video is about imagineering your life, which he defines as “engineering your life according to your imagination.” Because it’s such a long video, I broke it down into three parts to make it easier to absorb, and pulled the most meaningful quotes from each section. My personal comments are in brackets.

I left the whole questions/answers section out. There is good content in his answers, but I find it a bit long to listen to. His lecture itself is a total of about an hour:

So here are my notes from Part 1 of the video. Enjoy!

Part 1 – See, Feel, and Be the Frequency of Your Choice (12:42 – 38:00)

[skip the first 12 minutes of silence]

Bentinho Quote 112:42 – Recap of last speech and short meditation

[This section is a recap of his previous video: Become a Manifestation Powerhouse.]

You can start to see only what you prefer to see. The power in this is twofold:

1. Your subjective experience of life changes immediately

2. You’re no longer taking any cues from your circumstances

Meditation: Relax, take a deep breath, and ask your heart why it is you are here. If you could only experience one state of being for the rest of your life, one type of existence, one mode of being, only one, what would that be? What’s the most life giving? What connects you the most to who you really are?


Bentinho Quote 216:30 – Choose to see, feel, and become that state of being

The longer you imagine something, the more you start feeling it, and the more you feel it the more you become it, the more you start to exude it, the more you start to become that in your behavior, in your actions, in your state of being, in your speech, in your thoughts, in your beliefs. All those aspects of your personality start to reflect this chosen state of being.

Everything else will start to warp itself around that. Literally, you are at the center of a vortex, in a sense, and everything else just revolves around your center of gravity, your center of being. So whatever you place within that center is inevitably going to dictate the flow of that cyclone, of that vortex, of that energy attraction point.


Bentinho Quote 318:40 – Anchor yourself in the frequency of your choice

Instead of seeing what you think is actually there, you paste your new frequency onto that. Meaning, you completely disregard what’s going on. You’re not taking your cue from what’s occurring. You’re not basing anything off of what other people would suggest is happening right now.

You become fearless, in a way you become courageous, you become determined, you become bold, you become free.

You anchor yourself in the frequency of your choice, tune into that—see it, until you start feeling it, and when you feel it, you start to be it, and then your bring that with you into everyday life. You only see your preference.

And when your actions and your behavior become so attuned to your chosen frequency of being, then your circumstances will have to reflect that.

If you keep responding to that moment how you would in your ideal chosen state of being, then that state of being will start to spill out into your environment and it will start to rearrange, literally rearrange, the space-time structure of your existence.


Bentinho Quote 421:31 – Energy does not have a will of its own

Energy, which is in everything, does not have a will of its own. Circumstances cannot impose upon you anything; they never have. Every single choice you made was made based on your own beliefs, your own perceptions. It may have seemed like it was somehow indicated by circumstances, but this has never actually been the case.

Since energy does not have a will of its own, it does not have an intention for your life. It does not have an inherent sense of meanings and values. It is up to you, as consciousness, to determine what life is like. In every moment, it takes its cues from you, from your state of being, from your choices, from your behavior.

Seeing things is a great start. Feeling things is even better. But being things is what actually generates that change and creation, what actually pastes your chosen frequency, your chosen reality, your chosen heaven, if you will, onto earth, onto circumstances.


Bentinho Quote 524:40 Guided meditation and recap about seeing, feeling, and being

[Listen to the guided meditation. It’s hard to tell where the meditation actually ends, but I recommend listening to it until he suggests to “try it out tonight” – which, for me, signals the end of the visualization. Following are my notes about what he says during the meditation.]

What would be the most exciting scenario for you, the most exciting circumstance for you to fully manifest your chosen quality of being into?

The more you tune in to that chosen vision of yourself in your environment, the more you start to download feelings that belong to that reality, that belong to that parallel self of yours.

Anything you desire is already hidden inside of your consciousness as a potential projection of who you are.

Bring into the mix the knowledge that this is actually possible, otherwise you would not be able to tune into it. If you’re able to tune into it, it must be within your frequency range of what’s possible for you to make manifest. So bring with you the feeling that what you’re seeing is actually highly probable for you if you let it in. If you allow it to become manifest, it’s actually highly certain that this will become who you are, and that is exciting.

You’re in a sense connecting two parallel realities to each other: the one that you’ve assumed yourself to be at this time, and the one you’ve not yet fully assumed yourself to be, but which you have the ability to access through consciousness, through imagination.

As you start to feel it, and you start to choose to actually become it, your behavior needs to change accordingly. Your motive being, the way you carry yourself throughout life needs to reflect this vision of yourself. It cannot be the way you’ve behaved up until this point.

The joy of being a co-creator of existence is to make it complete, to complete that circle of creation, from non-physical all the way down into the seemingly physical nature of reality.

[38:00 is the beginning of Part 2, which we will explore in my next post. Stay tuned!]

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