Imagineer Your Life – My Notes, Part 2

Imagineer Your Life – My Notes, Part 2

(This is Part 2 of a series of three posts. Please read my previous post for an introduction and my notes on Part 1 of this video.)

Here is an overview of Bentinho Massaro’s video, Imagineer Your Life:

Following are my notes from Part 2 of the video. My personal comments are in brackets; all other notes are direct quotes from the video I found meaningful. Enjoy!

Part 2 – Decide Who You Are (38:00-51:23)

[skip the first section and start at 38:00]

Bentinho Quote 638:00 – Splash your paint onto this reality

If you can do this, a lot of your questions will simply fade away. They become irrelevant. You only have questions because you believe you can’t be who you wish to be, you can’t have what you believe you desire, but as soon as you start to decide who you are, tune in to what feels the truest for you, and become that being, all questions become naturally answered. You stop doubting yourself.

It’s just like a canvas. You don’t like what you painted? Just paint over it, and paint over it again. If the canvas becomes too heavy because of all the layers, throw it out, get a new canvas, start fresh. You don’t like half of what you see? Change the other half. Suddenly it doesn’t make sense anymore? Paint over it all over again. Do this constantly.

When you keep in your mind’s eye only what you prefer to see, that’s quite literally how you energetically splash your paint onto this reality. When you choose to just be random and confused and let other people decide for you who you are, then of course life is going to look like a chaotic mess. What you see is who you are.


Bentinho Quote 740:00 You don’t need training.

It’s not that difficult. It’s quite simple of a process. You see it, you feel it, and you be it, that’s how you imagineer your life. It’s not that hard. It’s always been that easy. You have already done this. This is not a new process. You don’t even necessarily need training in creating your environment, because that’s what you’re doing right now, otherwise you would not have this experience of me speaking to you.

Right now you’re placing all these molecules exactly where they are. I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s true. Reality is shaped by consciousness. There’s no reality apart from consciousness, and consciousness immediately influences everything that appears within it, like in your dream at night.

That’s what you’re doing all the time, on a different level of your consciousness, which you call the unconscious mind, but really it’s a higher conscious mind. It simply is unconscious to our conscious mind, because our “conscious” conscious mind is of a lower frequency, so it’s not conscious of the higher consciousness, therefore to our conscious mind it’s called the unconscious mind. But really, what’s unconscious to us is very, very highly conscious on its own level, and sometimes we have glimpses of this. We call that awakening moments, or glimpses of God, or whatever you want to call it, experiencing like life is a dream, a lucid waking dream.

These experiences can become more integrated, more constant, an actual part of your state of being, of your understanding of how reality works. You don’t need training in manifesting, you can’t become better at that. You’re perfect at it, absolutely flawless, so flawless that you don’t even notice your’e doing it. What you need training in is to learn to not be in a numbed down state of not knowing who you are.


Bentinho Quote 843:20 Know yourself

All you need to do is know who you are, and how do you know yourself? By deciding who you are, not by figuring it out so much. That’s overrated. If you are in the state of figuring out who you are, I promise you, you will always be in some version of that state. Through deciding who you are, you will find out more of who you actually are, because as you choose to manifest your reality more consciously, very acutely you start to feel what resonates and what does not resonate. Through that contrast you start to know who you actually are, but not by sitting down and having all the questions from your childhood come up, and then try to figure out through that mess who you are.

You need to first become more specific, more precise, more decisive, more determined, you need to choose who it is you wish to be. What do you base that off of? Of your best knowledge available to you in this moment, which requires only one question: What excites me the most at this time? That’s your guidance line into more of who you truly are.

As you manifest who you are, suddenly you sense a little misalignment. It doesn’t feel like quite who I wish to be. All right, great! Based on this newfound knowledge of who I am, not through trying to figure it out but simply by choosing who I am, what happens is that now I’m clear on what resonates and what does not. I’m clear on who I am and who I’m not. And so now that you are clear, it becomes even easier and even more exciting to see it, feel it, and be it. And you keep recreating this process and fine tuning it. This is an endless journey.

If you want to know who you are, try out one version that excites you the most at this point, and then you’ll see what about it truly is exciting, what about it truly feels in integrity and in alignment with your true being, and what, from that, is simply old school thinking, old school believing, old school feeling, old school being.


Bentinho Quote 947:45 – Waiting v/s deciding

[I took a lot of notes here, because this resonated with what I’ve been through recently and spoke to me directly, almost in a spooky way. Why wait two years? Those who know me closely will know what I’m referring to …]

Waiting is for losers, respectfully so, and by losers I mean people that will not ever discover who they are because they won’t find out. You can’t find out by asking questions. You have to find out by determining who you are. So stop losing the game of figuring out who you are and start actually figuring out who you are by deciding who it is that you are and pasting it on to your reality. Don’t wait! What are you waiting for? What could you potentially be waiting for if this is your creation?

If  it’s not your own creation, I completely agree. Keep on waiting, keep on questioning, keep on figuring out, keep on asking other people that actually exist out there, that know how reality actually works. Yes, if that was actually the case, then that would be the way to go, I agree. But since you’re placing this inside of your own consciousness  all the time, and you’re always guided, you’re always creating your own reality, then in what way does it make any sense to wait? You’d only be waiting for your own choice. You’d only be waiting until you give yourself permission to make that decision.

You may need to create all these people telling you all kinds of things for years and years and years, and you’re weighing out the pros and cons of your decision, of your excitement. Shall I take this passionate decision or shall I not? All this time you’re just playing a game with yourself until you give yourself permission to come to a point where you can say, “Ah, okay, now I know the answer!” And then you make the change, and then your reality changes. And then a new set of questions arise. This is natural. However what I’m saying is you don’t need two years for each and every single little decision in your life, because you’re creating those two years, and so you’re creating a seeming stagnancy for two years, a very, very similar reality every single day, you’re creating that, creating that, creating that, not realizing you’re creating it. You’re doing it innocently so. But you’re creating the same reality every day, and then you alter it slightly and slightly every day, but so slightly that we would call it waiting, we would call it “I’m just figuring out who I am for a couple years.” Not a bad thing per se, the intention is great, but the way of going about it is not as effective as it could be, not as efficient, not as fast.

So those two years that you place this reality in front of your own eyes all the time can also simply, in that sense, accelerate, speed up. You can start to decide something without having to need any permission from your patternized recreation of the old, until you know, seemingly for sure, that this is the right way to go. Again, you can’t feel whether your choice is right or not until you make the choice. So many people wait to feel right about their choice, and then they make the choice. And then it still doesn’t feel right. Now you waited two years. Congratulations! But you can also simply make that choice, not care about whether or not it is completely in alignment with who you truly are.

[51:23 is the beginning of Part 3, which we will explore in Part 3. Stay tuned!]

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