Interview with Matt Ciancimino, Co-founder of 4XMG Studios

Interview with Matt Ciancimino, Co-founder of 4XMG Studios

My favorite group meditation is held at 4XMG Studios in Nutley, NJ (led by Lou Redmond – click to read his interview). The room has such a good positive vibe and attracts people with a similar energy. I always have a wonderful experience meditating in this room and great conversations before and after the event.

I had the pleasure to meet the co-owner of the studio, Matt Ciancimino and hearing his story of how he started the studio.  He is a good example of taking that “leap of faith” and pursuing your passion without knowing how everything will turn out.

Despite his busy schedule, he took the time to answer my interview questions. Please welcome Matt and enjoy his story.


What was your life like before you came across the self-help tools that helped you?

My life was quite ordinary and “normal” by the standards of most.  I had been a sub par student in high school and the same went for college. However, I had excelled in leadership opportunities, for example by becoming the president of my fraternity.  Once I graduated, I started working a menial job to start paying my bills, which at the time was a culture shock for me, having never paid bills before.

That monotonous job led me to an opportunity to become a pharmaceutical salesman.  This career shift gave me some direction in my early 20’s and gave me nothing but great things.  Here I am, 24 years old, making 70-80k, full benefits, company car, and gas card.  To the general population I would have been considered “well-off” with nothing but opportunity at my doorstep.  As shocking as it may seem, with all this great stuff, I was left feeling unfulfilled.


What was the turning point for you that made you decide to seek other ways of handling things?

It wasn’t until I was “challenged” by my good friend Lou Redmond that I started to gain control of my life and control my reality.  This may have been around 2014 when Lou was in town visiting from San Diego.  We met to catch up, and I quickly began to tell him how “great” I was doing (i.e. Money, Car, Benefits, Gas Card).  After being excited, Lou replied “That’s great, but I didn’t know your goal was to become the best pharmaceutical rep in the world.”  I quickly snapped into defense mode and denial mode and told my buddy that I was “successful” and had worked hard to get all the stuff I now had.  We argued and he ended up leaving.  Little did I know, he had planted a seed that would end up growing stronger beyond my own comprehension.

About two weeks later I started to come to a startling realization: What was I thinking?  My passion was always in music and being in the music business, why the hell am I pursuing a career in pharmaceutical sales?!?  I began to explore music avenues and quickly was becoming less interested in the pharmaceutical work world.  This led to many great things in my life, including a career change.


Matt C Quote 2What self-help tools have you tried, and which one had the greatest impact on your life?

I have been practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for the past five years, and I credit a lot of my discipline and dedication to the sport.  I also read … A LOT.  The book that is a MUST READ for anyone looking to positively impact their lives would be Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill. This book most definitely had the greatest impact on my life.  I also think a lot of self-reflection is important for personal growth, and mindfulness meditation is a great tool to help reflect.


What challenges did you have to overcome in order to pursue your passion?

Matt C Quote 1Challenges are bitter sweet, ya gotta love ’em! I think the first real challenge that I had to overcome was realizing that I was living my life exactly how society had brainwashed me into believing was right (i.e. taking the “safe” job with a steady paycheck, working for the weekend, etc.). Once I realized that I had dreams and goals that were so far from these “norms” forced upon us by society, it was almost as if I had put glasses on and could now see the world clearly.

I think that is a huge challenge to overcome, realizing that the world has SO MUCH to offer, definitely so much more than a 9-5 job. I think rapper J. Cole put it best when talking about jobs and hourly wages—he said something along the lines of, “No matter how much you get paid an hour, your life is worth more than any dollar amount.” I took that and ran with it. Some other challenges I chalk up to “peaks and valleys” of pursuing your dreams and goals.

There are good days and bad days, but as long as I am creating my own reality, I am perfectly fine with challenges, because they teach you a lesson no matter what. When you overcome a challenge, you learn how to do so if you are TEMPORARILY defeated by challenges, you LEARN but never LOSE.


Explain what your product or service is about.

At 4XMG Studios, our mission is to empower your creativity and provide you with the tools needed to take your art to the next level. No matter your craft, there’s a reason why you’ve landed on our page. Whether you’re in pre-production (writing/creative), production (recording) or post-production (mixing/mastering), 4XMG Studios can bring your project to the next level. Think of our studio as your creative incubator. With services and accommodations including music production, song writing, audio recording, rehearsal space, editing bays, private venue space and more, we’re here to give you the inspiration and guidance to turn your dreams into reality.

Looking to host an event? (Yoga session, meditation class, casting audition, concert, showcase, etc.)

Or just need a private room? (Video editing, creative writing, photography/music video shoots, working space, etc.)

4XMG Studios’ expansive layout and modern-rustic design can accommodate your creative needs.


How can people learn more about it or contact you?


Twitter: @4XMG_

Instagram: @4XMG

Facebook: 4XMG Studios

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