Recap of the 30-Day Money Experiment

Recap of the 30-Day Money Experiment

Today is the last day of the 30-day money experiment (3/13/17 to 4/11/17). I want to briefly review each step and give you a list of resources to help you on your path to financial success.

10-step method to manifest money

Step 1: Know What You WantStep 1: Know What You Want

Deciding what you want is the first step for achieving any goal. Since we’re talking about manifesting more money, you may ask yourself the following questions:

How much extra money do you need?

How do you want to receive it, as a lump sum or as a monthly income?

Why do you need extra money? How do you intend to use it?

When would you like to reach that goal?

What are you willing to give in exchange: your time, your expertise, your talent?


Step 2: Uncover Your Limiting BeliefsStep 2: Uncover Your Limiting Beliefs

Read your goal again and ask yourself the following questions:

What makes you hesitate to pursue your goal?

What do you think might happen if you do?

Why aren’t you there yet? For example, why aren’t you already making that extra $1000?


Step 3: Unleash Your CreativityStep 3: Unleash Your Creativity

Follow one or more of the six methods listed in Step 3 to unleash your creativity, and write down every idea that comes to mind, even crazy, impossible ones. You can sort them out later.




Step 4: Take the Next Step: Experiment!Step 4: Take the Next Step: Experiment!

Sort out the ideas you found in Step 3. What ideas can you pursue right now, and which ones do you want to save for later? Which one appeals to you most? Sort them by feasibility (short term, long term), by interest (very interesting, not so interesting), or by potential (great potential, not so much potential), whatever works for you.

Take your #1 idea—the one that excites you the most, or the one that is the most accessible right now—and experiment with it. What’s the next step you need to take to implement it? Take that step, and see where it leads. If the step is too big, break it down even more into baby steps. It could be as simple as buying a book or researching online about something you need to learn.


Step 5: Visualize Success: How Does It Feel?Step 5: Visualize Success: How Does It Feel?

Set aside fifteen minutes a day to either listen to the guided meditation or follow the written steps in Step 5 to visualize your success. Focus on how you will feel once you’ve reached your goal.


Step 6: Remove any mental blocks you may still haveStep 6: Remove Any Mental Blocks You May Still Have

Acknowledge your resistance. Whenever you feel anything other than peace, stop and ask yourself, “What am I telling myself right now that makes me feel this way?”

Just still your thoughts and listen to the answer, deep within your heart. Is there a false belief you haven’t addressed yet, because you weren’t aware of it? Are there patterns from your past that this reminds you of? Does this bring back something your parents used to tell you when you were growing up?

Go back to Step 2 and address those limiting beliefs. Some beliefs are deep into your subconscious mind and are harder to uncover than others.

Be grateful to yourself for being able and willing to identify and address it.


Step 7: Act as if you've already reached your goalStep 7: Act As If You’ve Already Reached Your Goal

Now it’s time to start acting as if you’ve already reached your goal. It has! In your mind, anyway. The physical manifestation of it will come soon, be sure of it.

I wouldn’t recommend spending money you don’t yet have or booking an expensive vacation you can’t yet afford, just to prove your faith in the system. Live within your means, but act as if you know for sure that more money is coming your way. Just don’t spend it yet!! It’s a state of mind, feeling how it would feel to have that extra money.

Follow one of the six ways listed in Step 7 to get started.


Step 8: Surround yourself with positive peopleStep 8: Surround Yourself with Successful People

One of the fastest ways to become successful is to surround yourself with successful, positive people. As long as you stay with your regular crowd, people who work 9 to 5 at a job they don’t really like and who wish they had more money, you will find it hard to move past those limiting belief you have that it’s the only way to live.

Meet people who live differently, who follow their passion and make money doing what they love, who travel and go on adventures, who are fun to be around, not only on weekends, but all the time! You will learn from them and eventually you will figure out how to do this with your own life.

Follow one of the ideas in Step 8 to meet positive, supportive people.


Step 9: Reward Yourself for Taking StepsStep 9: Reward Yourself for Taking Steps

The result you want is often out of your control. Your responsibility is to take the next step, and the next, and the next. Detach yourself from the actual outcome of each step you take. If you take inspired steps over and over again, success will come, all in good times. Your job is to just keep taking small steps toward your goal, not to control how things turn out.

Make a list of steps you intend to take toward your goal.

Decide on a reward: a small gift, a hot bubble bath, a lottery ticket, or anything else that appeals to you. It has to be something you look forward to, something that will trigger you to take the next step in order to get the reward. Reserve your reward only for this purpose.

Each time you take five steps, reward yourself and enjoy the satisfaction of having taken action toward your goal. Pat yourself on the back. You’ve done well!

Start over with a new reward and a new list of steps every week.


Step 10: Evaluate Your SuccessStep 10: Evaluate Your Success

List the results you’ve had so far. Are you satisfied with what you’ve accomplished? Do you have a better idea of what you want to do? Follow the guidelines in Step 10 to decide whether to keep working toward your goal or set a new goal.



Additional Resources

I have put together a toolbox page about abundance, listing resources that have helped me on my path: books, free courses, websites, masterminds, and local and online resources.

Feel free to explore those resources, and stay tuned for more blog posts about financial success throughout April, before we move on to a new theme in May: spirituality.

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