Review: Meditation in New Jersey with Lou and Kelly

Review: Meditation in New Jersey with Lou and Kelly

Meditation in NJIn a Nutshell

The meditation sessions are held at a music studio in Nutley, NJ, and draw people from all ages, from a mix of backgrounds. Both regulars and newcomers are welcome. Typically each event attracts 15-25 people.

The theme and guided meditation are different every time. Lou and Kelly love to explore new themes and meditation methods, and sometimes surprise us with little extras, such as crystal bowls, Qigong, or music.

How It Works

The event starts with Lou and Kelly introducing themselves and what the group is about, followed by a discussion on the theme of the day. Participants are encouraged to ask questions, make comments, or share stories. Then Lou dims the light and everyone settles comfortably on their chair for a twenty-minute guided meditation. The session concludes with everyone sharing their experience, then mingling and chatting over tea if they wish. The event itself lasts about an hour, with people often staying an extra hour to chat at the end.


I found this meditation group on Meetup when it first started in November 2016, and I was hooked after my first time attending. I’ve been attending every meditation since then and only missed one so far.

When I first started attending, I was pleasantly surprised to see many participants in their 20s, probably because Lou and Kelly are both in that age group and appeal to a younger audience than the typical meditation group. It gave me hope to see people discovering meditation so early in their lives. I brought my daughters (15 and 20) several times and they love it.

4XMGI love the energy in this room, which is also a recording studio, or like the owners call it, a “creative incubator.” When going up the rickety stairs leading to the studio, no one would expect such a beautiful, classy space. People mingle and chat way after the event is over, and it seems like no one wants to leave this magical place. We get gently urged to leave when there is an artist or a band scheduled to use the room after us. Otherwise we’d probably talk until midnight!

If you’re looking for a good meditation experience, meaningful connections, lively conversations, and a beautiful space where “being present” is easy because you really want to be there, this is the place to be.


I don’t have anything negative to say about this event, except that it’s highly addictive!

Mastermind Behind This Method

Meditation transformed Lou Redmond’s life three years ago and has been the catalyst for him to leave his job and pursue his dreams. He moved from San Diego to his home state of NJ at the end of 2016 and he is excited to spread its positive benefits. Lou wrote a book about his transformation, from working 9 to 5 and partying every weekend to becoming a meditation leader, yoga teacher, and inspirational speaker, helping others to also find their truth.

With a healthy obsession for pushing her comfort zone, Kelly Margerum’s adventurous spirit has carved out a path deeply rooted in connection and personal growth. After receiving her doctorate in physical therapy, she continues to travel throughout the US as a physical therapist while teaching yoga and assisting others on their own self-discovery journey. She also conducts weekly workshops and meditations. Her experience leading and attending adventure retreats lights up her soul and intensifies her vision to create a space for individuals to not only explore the world but to discover deeper depths within themselves.

To Learn More

Join us for the next meditation and see for yourself why I’m raving about this event!

Upcoming meditations are posted on Meetup: Meditation in New Jersey and on Facebook: Meditation in New Jersey.

Whether you are in the area or not, request to join the Facebook group to join in the conversation and connect with like-minded people.

Lou’s website:

Kelly’s Facebook: Kelly Ann Margerum

Kelly’s Instagram: Kelltchup

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