Event Listing

If you have an event in Northern NJ related to self-development, holistic health, spirituality, or any topics covered by this site:

  • Use the contact form to let me know at least one week in advance and I will add it to the monthly events list (found under the Local Events menu, by month)
  • Include any flyer, logo or picture you want to include (or let me choose one) and a link to a website or Facebook event for more information.
  • This service is free, in exchange for free or discounted admission to your event (if I decide to attend).

What you get:

  • Your event will be listed on my monthly events page, along with other awesome events in North Jersey
  • I create a blog post of upcoming events summary weekly, which I send to my website’s mailing list and post on Facebook
  • If I decide to attend your event, I will include a flash review on similar upcoming events you want to list

I reserve the right to decline a request that doesn’t align with the content of my site and what I like to promote (totally subjective).


Facebook Event and Promotion – $10

This is ideal for those of you who are too busy putting together mind-blowing events to set up their events on Facebook, or for people who don’t have a Facebook page where they can list their events.

In addition to listing your event on my website and promoting it on my events page (see above), I will:

  • Create a Facebook event on MySelfHelpToolkit page to help you promote it
  • Help you promote your event on Facebook and on Twitter, and possibly review it on my blog if I attend and fall in love with it

How to request this service:

  • Use the contact form to send me your flyer or typed information about the event’s title, date and time, duration, venue, description, and cost (or a link to a website where I can find the information), including any links people need to register or get more information
  • Include your Facebook name if you have one (so I can add you as event host) and any picture or logo you would like to display


Picture Quote and Promotion – $10

Do you have an article, podcast, or video you want to promote? People LOVE picture quotes, and they are very easy to share on social media.

Here is how it works:

  • Use the contact form to send me a link to your article, podcast, or video
  • Include a background picture of your choosing or specify a theme if you have a preference (for example, mountain or beach)

I will:

  • Pull one quote from your content and make a picture quote using the picture you provided or a stock photo of my choosing (additional quotes from the same content: $5 each)
  • E-mail you a copy of the picture quote you can use on your site and on social media
  • Promote your content by posting the quote on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • Add the picture quote to my Quotes page
  • Potentially use your quote in my upcoming products (desktop background collection, monthly planner, etc.)

I reserve the right to decline a request that doesn’t align with the content of my site and what I like to promote (totally subjective).