Step 3: Unleash Your Creativity

Step 3: Unleash Your Creativity

Step 3: Unleash Your CreativityUnleashing your creativity is Step 3 of my ten-step method to manifest money, and part of the thirty-day experiment (March 13-April 11). Please read the introduction postStep 1 and Step 2 before continuing.

So in Step 1, you defined what you want. In Step 2, you’ve addressed your limiting beliefs. Now it’s time to come up with creative ideas that will generate more money.


Creativity Unleashed!

Follow one or more of the following six methods to unleash your creativity, and write down every idea that comes to mind, even crazy, impossible ones. You can sort them out later. Have fun with this!

  1. Imagine your creativity as a wild animal in captivity for too long. The gate is open and now it’s running wild! Where does it lead you? What wild dreams did you set aside to conform to what was expected of you or what seemed reasonable at the time? It’s time to revisit those dreams.
  2. Ask your Inner Guidance, “What would it take for me to earn [amount you need] extra per month?” Go past your own thoughts and into your heart. The answer is there. I will explore the concept of Inner Guidance in upcoming posts, but for now, just picture it as your spiritual guide, or someone you admire, such as a religious figure or spiritual teacher, or just your wiser self. One good way to do this is to picture your own thoughts as clouds blocking your inner light. Close your eyes and take three slow, deep breaths. Go through the clouds until you see your inner light, and then just listen. You may not get the answer instantly, but you’ve taken the first step to access your Inner Guidance. Be alert to receive the answer in the days to come, and keep doing this exercise every day. Stay connected.
  3. Play with your inner child. What does he or she love doing? Ask and listen. What did you used to do for fun when you were little? How can you use that today? Do a quick meditation and follow your inner child to where her or she leads you to have fun. What do you end up doing?
  4. If it weren’t of money, what would you do with your time? Investing yourself freely in something you love is a great way to unleash your full potential. If joy became the national currency, what kind of work would make you wealthy?
  5. Fulfill a need people have. What skills or abilities do you have that could benefit others? What need do you personally have, that other people may also have? Find ways to fulfill that need and offer the solution to others. Create something you wish existed.
  6. Stay alert to any new ideas that pop into your mind or that people mention. Write them down. They may be the answer you are looking for.

The most important part is, have fun doing this! Who knows which of these ideas will lead you to where you want to be! You won’t know until you try, which is what we will do in Step 4. But for now, just list all your crazy ideas as they come to you, even if you think they are totally unrealistic.


My Twenty Ideas

When I did those exercises, I thought I would come up with a handful of good ideas, and I already had a few in mind: things I had done in the past or that I had thought of doing. To my surprise, I came up with twenty ideas that could generate an extra income.

Some are pretty vague and general right now, and there are a few I’m really not sure I would even like to try, but I wrote them down anyway:

  1. Monetize my self-help site (AdSense, Amazon links, affiliate marketing)
  2. Promote my novel
  3. Monetize my existing HubPages and write new ones
  4. Write and publish a new book (short stories, new novel, recipes, mindfulness, …) or magazine articles
  5. Create blogs and websites for other people
  6. Start an Amazon or e-Bay business: Canadian products or other
  7. Start a website about O. Henry and offer teacher’s guides
  8. Format e-books for other people
  9. Design picture quotes and infographics for other people
  10. Offer my editing services again
  11. Make and sell cheesecakes
  12. Invest in real estate
  13. Buy a website on auction that is already generating money
  14. Develop an app
  15. Invest in the stock market
  16. Offer webinars or e-classes (French, mindfulness)
  17. Do product reviews and get paid for it
  18. Make and sell jewelry racks
  19. Make YouTube videos
  20. Study computer programming again and change career


10-step method to manifest moneyUpcoming Steps

Some of the ideas you’ve listed may require a lot of time and energy; others would push you to learn skills or knowledge you don’t have yet; and some you can do right away. In step 4, which I will post on Monday, we will sort out all those ideas and start experimenting with them.

Then in Step 5, we will start visualizing how it will feel like once we’ve reach the goal we’ve set in Step 1. This is a very important step, and you can already start doing this as you write your ideas. Picture yourself being successful and receiving money for doing what you love. Feels great, doesn’t it! We will dig deeper into that on Thursday.

Your Turn!

Write down all your creative ideas in your notebook, if you have one. If not, a piece of paper or your phone’s memo app will do. Carry it with you and keep adding to it as the ideas come.

If any limiting beliefs resurface while doing this exercise, write them down and do Step 2 again. For example, when I wrote, “Invest in the stock market,” some limiting beliefs showed up: “I don’t know anything about investing, and it would take a long time for me to figure out how to be successful at it. It’s very risky, and some people lose a lot of money doing that. Is it even worth my time? I don’t have that much money I could risk losing.” I wrote it down anyway.

Once you start experimenting with each of those ideas in Step 4, you’ll figure out if this is something you really want to pursue or if you should just cross it out. But for now, just take a few minutes to write down all your crazy ideas. One of them may turn out to be a gem.

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