Step 5: Visualize Success: How Does It Feel?

Step 5: Visualize Success: How Does It Feel?

Step 5: Visualize Success: How Does It Feel?This is Step 5 of my ten-step method to manifest money, and part of the thirty-day experiment (March 13-April 11). Please read the introduction postStep 1Step 2, Step 3, and Step 4 before continuing.

So far, you’ve defined your goal (Step 1), uncover and rephrased your limiting beliefs (Step 2), unleashed your creativity and came up with a list of ideas (Step 3), and started experimenting with some of them (Step 4). Congratulations! You’re on the right path.

Today we will do a visualization to help you capture how it will feel once you’ve reached your goal.


Visualize Your Success Story

Only you know what you want and how you want to feel. It’s your story, you can make it whatever you want to be! Or maybe you’re not quite sure yet, and that’s okay. That’s what this 30-day experiment is for, to help you define what you want in life and start moving in that direction.

In Step 3, we’ve unleashed our creativity and came up with ideas how to earn an extra income. Then in Step 4, we started experimenting with some of those ideas. By now, you should have a clearer idea of what you would like to do, what would bring you closer to your goal. But more important than how you will get there is how you will feel once you’ve reached your goal. So it doesn’t matter if you still have no clue how to reach that goal you’ve set in Step 1. Focus on how you will feel once you’ve reached it.


Guided Meditation to Visualize Your Success

The following guided meditation by Lou Redmond can be done sitting down or lying on a bed or a yoga mat. Just make sure you’re comfortable and won’t be interrupted. Set aside 15 minutes to do it.


If you would like to do the meditation on your own instead, follow the steps below:

  1. Close your eyes and take three slow, deep breaths.
  2. Do a body scan to relax your forehead, your jaw, your neck, your shoulders, your arms, your hands, your chest, your abdomen area, your legs, and your feet. Take a few minutes to do this, focusing on relaxing one part at a time, slowly, from head to toes.
  3. Visualize how it will feel like once you’re earning an extra income doing what you love.
  4. See that extra money come either as a bank transfer, as a check by mail, or as cash. See it in your mind, smile with satisfaction, and be proud of yourself. You did it! You’re following your passion and now people are gratefully rewarding you for your product or service. They are happy to send you money, because you’ve helped them so much.
  5. Imagine talking to a friend or family member about it. See him or her congratulate you on your success, being very happy for you. You are an inspiration to others, motivating them to follow their passion as well. Your success mindset is contagious.
  6. Picture what you will do with that extra money. Imagine saving it, spending it, or investing it. Think of all the good things that will come from following your passion.
  7. You are giving of yourself freely and receiving abundantly, in an endless circle. It feels good, it feels right, it feels amazing. You are following your purpose and enjoying it tremendously.
  8. Take another three slow, deep breaths, basking in that feeling before coming back to your reality.
  9. Open your eyes and stretch your arms and legs.
  10. Hold on to that feeling as you go about your business.


Some Tips

I recommend doing this meditation daily, preferably in the morning. Try to carry that feeling of success and accomplishment throughout your day. Hold on to it for as long as you can.

Take a quick break during the day to bring the feeling back if it has faded away, then again at night before sleeping. It doesn’t have to be long, a few minutes are enough. Just read through the steps and recall the feeling you captured in your morning meditation.

If you’re not familiar with the body scan meditation, you can use a pre-recorded one from YouTube or on the Insight Timer app. With time, you will be able to do it on your own easily.


10-step method to manifest moneyUpcoming Steps

If you’re having a hard time visualizing your success, that might mean you still have some limiting beliefs to address. Write down any negative thoughts that come to mind as they show up. We will work on removing any mental blocks you may still have on Monday, with Step 6. They could be the same ones you’ve uncovered in Step 2 (some are very persistent), or they could be new ones you were not aware of yet.

Then on Thursday, we will take today’s visualization technique one step further and learn how to act as if you had already achieved your goal, with Step 7.


Time to Visualize Success

If you haven’t yet go back to the visualization steps and start your meditation practice. Don’t wait for a perfect time to do it; do it now!

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