Step 6: Remove Any Mental Blocks You May Still Have

Step 6: Remove Any Mental Blocks You May Still Have

Step 6: Remove any mental blocks you may still haveRemoving mental blocks you may still have is Step 6 of my ten-step method to manifest money, and part of the thirty-day experiment (March 13-April 11). Please read the introduction post and the previous five steps before continuing.

We’re halfway through already. Good job! What are your results so far? Please share in the comment section or e-mail me using the contact form.


Where Does Resistance Come From?

If you face resistance when you implement your ideas or visualize your success, it’s totally normal. Your mind is used to playing it safe and tends to go back to being comfortable as opposed to taking risks and facing temporary discomfort. And some of your limiting beliefs have been there for a very long time and won’t go away so easily. It takes some work, but it’s totally worth it.

When you try new things, there will be setbacks and failures. Those setbacks will bring up any limiting beliefs you may still have. You may tell yourself, for example, “Who am I kidding? This will never work, nobody in my family ever got rich doing what they love. I was just deluding myself by thinking it was possible. My dad was right, I need to settle for whatever job I can get and be grateful for it.”


Four Steps to Eliminate Mental Blocks

Here is what you can do to take care of any mental blocks you may still have:

  1. Acknowledge your resistance. Whenever you feel anything other than peace, stop and ask yourself, “What am I telling myself right now that makes me feel this way?”
  2. Just still your thoughts and listen to the answer, deep within your heart. Is there a false belief you haven’t addressed yet, because you weren’t aware of it? Are there patterns from your past that this reminds you of? Does this bring back something your parents used to tell you when you were growing up?
  3. Go back to Step 2 and address those limiting beliefs. Some beliefs are deep into your subconscious mind and are harder to uncover than others.
  4. Be grateful to yourself for being able and willing to identify and address it.


My Example

Like I mentioned in Step 1, I made a goal of earning an extra $1000 per month. Some days it seems totally realistic, almost too low of a goal. I should have set it higher! I read success stories from people who make this amount per day, or per week. I picture myself having reached that goal already and setting an even higher goal.

Other times, $1000 seems like such a big amount of money. With my day job, it would take me 40 extra hours, and there would be only two-thirds of it left at the end, once I deduct taxes and other deductions. Quite disheartening. And how long will it take to earn that much? I’ve started months ago, and so far I’m making about $1 per month. Is it even realistic to make such a goal for this year?

Here is how I address this mental block when it comes, following the above steps:

  1. I catch myself thinking negatively and acknowledge my mental block. I ask myself, “Where does this mental block come from?”
  2. When I stop for a moment and just listen, I can identify many sources for this mental block:
    1. My father worked hard all his life and never earned anything extra from his day job. (That’s a persistent one I thought I had addressed already, but I need to revisit it.)
    2. I’ve tried monetizing my writing blog in the past, with very little success.
    3. I published a book, but once I’ve run out of relatives and friends to sell it to, the sales came to a stall. It’s hard to make money with writing.
    4. Some success stories I’ve read are from people earning their money by spamming or being so obnoxious that I really don’t want to follow their path. Do I want to become one of those people who follow thousands of new people on Twitter and soon unfollow them, just to increase their number of followers and make themselves look popular? No, I really don’t. I’d rather have fewer followers and connect with them, but it takes time. Can I ever have enough followers and pageviews that way to be able to monetize my site?
  3. I did Step 2 again and address each of those beliefs:
    1. My father never made earning an extra income a priority in his life; if he did he would have found a way to do it, like I’m doing now.
    2. I can learn how to optimize my website to get more views, which is something I didn’t do with my writing blog. There are many resources out there to teach me how to do this.
    3. I never used any promotion services to sell my book in the past. I did my best on my own, but now it’s time to get the help I need from experts.
    4. I need to surround myself with successful people who earn money by giving a valuable service or product. There are many spammers out there, but there are also many genuine people who can teach me how to earn an extra income by following my passion, connecting with people, and helping others (which is Step 8).
  4. I thanked myself for taking the time to address those mental blocks, and I added my new beliefs to my list from Step 2. I will be reading them again regularly until they are part of who I am now.


Your Turn!

What limiting beliefs do you still have, either from when you did Step 2 or new ones that emerged while you did the other steps? What’s blocking you from reaching your goal? Pause what you’re doing right now and listen to the answers. Write them down and address each one of them so they are no longer blocking you from the success you deserve.


10-step method to manifest moneyUpcoming Steps

On Thursday, we will start acting as if we’ve already reached our goal, with Step 7. If you haven’t started visualizing your success in Step 5 yet, please do so before Thursday.

Next week we will start surrounding ourselves with positive people (Step 8) and rewarding ourselves for all the steps we’re taking toward our goal, regardless of the outcome (Step 9). The last step will be to evaluate our success (Step 10) and make changes if necessary.

Almost there! Keep going! Feel free to share your stories with me as we do each step, using either the comment section or the contact form.

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