Step 7: Act as if You’ve Already Reached Your Goal

Step 7: Act as if You’ve Already Reached Your Goal

Step 7: Act as if you've already reached your goalThis is Step 7 of my ten-step method to manifest money, and part of the thirty-day experiment (March 13-April 11). Please read the introduction post and the previous six steps before continuing.

So you’ve set a goal (Step 1), addressed any of your limiting beliefs and mental blocks (Step 2 and Step 6), came up with a list of ideas (Step 3), started experimenting with some of them (Step 4), and visualized your success (Step 5). Now it’s time to start acting as if you’ve already reached your goal. It has! In your mind, anyway. The physical manifestation of it will come soon, be sure of it.

I wouldn’t recommend spending money you don’t yet have or booking an expensive vacation you can’t yet afford, just to prove your faith in the system. Live within your means, but act as if you know for sure that more money is coming your way. Just don’t spend it yet!! It’s a state of mind, feeling how it would feel to have that extra money.


Action Ideas

Here are a few things you can do to get started:

travelPlan your next vacation, one you can easily afford with the extra money you’re making. Visit a travel agency and look at flyers, go online to see how much airfare costs, and be glad you can easily afford it. Make a vision board of where you will go. Drive to the airport and look around. How does it feel to leave for a tropical destination? Make sure your passport is current! You will need it very soon. Smile at the thought.


shop onlineShop online! Go to any store you want, add items to the shopping cart, but don’t actually check out. Just imagine how it will feel once you make a lot of money and you buy all those things. An alternative would be to create a vision board of things you would like to buy. How does it feel like to easily be able to afford them?


donateConsider what charity you want to support. It feels good to give something back, and it’s a good practice to attract even more. You give a lot and receive a lot. Money flows harmoniously in your life. Let it go, you have plenty more coming your way. How does it feel to be able to help, to contribute to a cause that is dear to you? Make a small donation you can afford now, knowing with satisfaction that you can give a whole lot more in a near future.


budgetMake a budget. Decide how you will use that extra money. A good way to do this is to go with percentages. For example, give 10% to a charity, invest 20%, and spend 70%. Then once your extra money starts coming in, you can already follow that budget, even if it’s a small amount in the beginning. It will give you a feel of what it will be like once you make more.


coffee shopDrive around a nice neighborhood, pretending you live in the area. Look at the beautiful houses and imagine one of them is yours. How does it feel like to live in this neighborhood? Have coffee in a fancy restaurant, hang out with wealthy people, walk around this neighborhood like you’re part of it. Figure out the way to and from your regular spots from here.


clothes shoppingGo in your favorite store and try on any clothes you would love to have, without looking at the price tags. Take a picture of yourself wearing them then put them back on the rack. You’ll be back later for them, once money has manifested in your life. It’s on its way! Look at the pictures often and relive your experience of wearing those clothes you will soon be able to easily afford.


My Examples

Okay, you’ve caught up with me! I’m on that step too. I did follow some of those ideas in the past, for other goals I had.

Back when my goal was to expand my circle of friends, while driving to the grocery store, I imagined I was going to meet and hang out with a very interesting friend instead of going grocery shopping. I got all excited about it! And now I don’t have to pretend anymore; I have many amazing friends I’ve met since then and I get excited at the idea of actually hanging out with them! So it worked.

When I had to drive to the airport to pick up someone, I imagined I was on my way to the airport to go explore Europe instead. I put myself in the state of mind that I was going on a journey, and how it would feel like to drive to the airport with my plane ticket in my handbag, ready to fly to a faraway destination! This hasn’t happened yet, and some other goals took priority since then, but I’ll get back to that idea of traveling the world at some point.

But since we’re talking about manifesting money, here is the perfect example of what visualization and “acting as if” can do. A few years back, I was happily driving to work the day before Thanksgiving, thinking of all the things I was grateful for. I didn’t pay attention to the speed I was going, and … I got a speeding ticket. Great. But instead of being angry about it, I imagined I had just received a winning lottery ticket! (Well, I waited until the police officer left, of course.) I eagerly looked for the amount I had won written on it, but I couldn’t find it. I thought, Wow, I wonder how much I won! I kept that state of mind for as long as I could. My daughter was in a swim team at the time and we had to sell lottery tickets for her team. I ended up buying them as usual, because all my relatives are in Canada and I only have two co-workers …  I never win anything, but it’s all for the kids, right? There was one winner every day, for a different amount each day: $30, $200, $50, … for two months. That year, I won that lottery three times, and the biggest amount of $200 was one of them! I also won the 50/50 at a swim meet. People started noticing! “Again! You’re so lucky!!” I just smiled. That was more than enough to cover my speeding ticket.

Back in 1987, before becoming a famous actor, Jim Carrey wrote himself a check for ten million dollars for acting services rendered, and carried it in his wallet for three years. He would visualize receiving that check with a contract for a role in a movie. Did it happen? YEAH! I would say!! He tells the story on Oprah (1997):


Your Turn!

Pick one of the ideas above and experiment with it. Add your own twist to it, if you like, and share it in the comment section.

Then write about your experience in your journal in present tense, as if you are already living the way you want to live. For example, instead of saying “I saw a nice neighborhood I would love to live in some day,” say “I love my new neighborhood! It’s at a walking distance from a beautiful park, and only a few minutes from my favorite hiking trail. People are friendly here and make me feel at home right away. I really enjoy my new life!” Make up your own story and allow yourself to experience the feelings that go with it.


10-step method to manifest moneyUpcoming Steps

We’re almost there! Only three more steps to go.

Next week, we will learn how to surround ourselves with successful people (Step 8), which is my favorite step, and we will reward ourselves for taking the steps we’ve taken so far (Step 9).

We will end the 30-day experiment with an evaluation of our success in Step 10. But this is far from being the end; this is just the beginning!

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