Step 8: Surround Yourself with Positive People

Step 8: Surround Yourself with Positive People

Step 8: Surround yourself with positive peopleThis is Step 8 of my ten-step method to manifest money, and part of the thirty-day experiment (March 13-April 11). Please read the introduction post and the previous seven steps before continuing.

One of the fastest ways to become successful is to surround yourself with successful, positive people. As long as you stay with your regular crowd, people who work 9 to 5 at a job they don’t really like and who wish they had more money, you will find it hard to move past those limiting belief you have that it’s the only way to live.

Meet people who live differently, who follow their passion and make money doing what they love, who travel and go on adventures, who are fun to be around, not only on weekends, but all the time! You will learn from them and eventually you will figure out how to do this with your own life.


How to Find Positive People

You may not know many like-minded people yet, who will support your new goal and encourage you on your journey. Time to meet new people! Here are some ideas to help you get started.

  • Go to and look for networking events for entrepreneurs, mastermind meetings, group meditations, or anything else you’re interested in. Chances are you will meet positive people through those events. If you’re an entrepreneur, you can start with the Career and Business category and go from there. If you’re looking for a group meditation, look in the Health & Wellness category. Or go through the list of popular topics to find what you’re interested in.
  • Search for mixers in your area where you can meet successful people. This article lists the best ten websites to find networking events. I haven’t looked into each of them yet, and I’m satisfied with the groups I’ve already joined, but let me know in the comments if any of them works for you. You may want to check out Live Your Legend, an organization that has local chapters all over the world. Their goal is to help you “find & do work you love and surround yourself with the people who make it possible.” I joined the Northern NJ chapter (more on that below).
  • Follow people on Twitter that are living their dreams. There are plenty of them, if you take the time to research a little. I’ve made a list of people who tweet about financial success and another one about mindfulness and meditation. Each member of those lists has a website, follows me back, tweets regularly, and offers original content (not just retweets). Start from those lists (or look at my other lists) and build your own. You can also find people to connect with through hashtags, such as #SuccessTrain or #entrepreneur.
  • Join forums online where positive people network and exchange ideas, or find popular blogs on a topic you’re interested in and read and leave comments. That’s a good way to connect with like-minded people online.
  • Look for e-books on the topic of your choice (for example, financial success, startup, or mindfulness). Check out the authors’ websites and see if you can learn something from their success stories. They almost always have an About tab where they sometimes share their personal journey to get where they are now. You can also connect with the authors on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and learn even more from them.
  • Think of the most successful people you know in your area, and ask them to mentor you or to introduce you to other people they know.
  • Ask your Inner Guidance in meditation to help you find successful people who can help you. I’ve found a hiking buddy and a therapist that way, and both fit almost exactly the description I had written down in my journal a few months before. Never underestimate the power of your own Inner Guidance. All you need to do is silence your thoughts for a moment and listen, then take inspired action.


My Examples

My Twitter lists allow me to select what I want to read instead of skimming through posts from the 5,000 + people I’m following. I have lists for everything: positive people, holistic health, adventurers and travelers, children’s writers, masterminds, … So when I want to learn about holistic health, for example, I first look at the resources posted by people on that Twitter list.

I wanted more than just connecting with people online, so I found ways to connect with people in person. I joined many meditation groups on Meetup and attended several events before finding one group that really resonates with me: Meditation in New Jersey. This group draws such good, positive people and generates a lot of good, positive energy. I’m always looking forward to the next one.

The host of my meditation group, Lou Redmond, started a local chapter of Live Your Legend (as I mentioned above), which I also joined. We meet once a month to exchange tips, help each other, and discuss about how to become successful in whatever projects we have. The synergy in this group is amazing, and the help it provides is invaluable. This is exactly what I needed to motivate me in reaching my goals.

Through these groups, I met someone who introduced me to a friend who has over 1600 contacts. That friend invited me to a networking event where I met many like-minded people and exchanged information and resources with them.

Notice how the simple act of joining a meditation group led me to join another networking group hosted by the same person (which I wouldn’t have known about otherwise), which led me to meet a social guy who has more contacts than I can count, who then introduced me to many of his friends …  When your vision of what you want is clear, you will recognize opportunities and take the necessary actions leading you toward accomplishing your goal. Doors will open. People will show up who can help you.

Within a year, I went from having  a few close friends I had lunch with about once a month, to now having a growing circle of friends and acquaintances I meet with frequently. Some of them became close friends, others I only see when there is an event, but most of them have had a positive impact on my life.



Your Turn!

Start by joining one group and attending one event and see where it leads. Most Meetup groups are free to join, and attending events is often free or less than $10. If you’re shy you can start with an online forum instead and see how it goes, or attend an event with a friend. Soon you’ll have many good connections and you’ll wonder why you haven’t done it earlier.


10-step method to manifest moneyUpcoming Steps

Only two steps left! I hope you’re keeping track of all the steps you’re taking toward your goal, because in Step 9 we’ll be rewarding ourselves for all the good work, regardless of the outcome.

In Step 10 we’ll evaluate our success and make adjustments as needed. It’s a work in progress, so take that imperfect next step, even if you’re not 100% ready. More on that next week.

Have fun networking with positive people!





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