How to Thrive in Transitional Times – Part 1

How to Thrive in Transitional Times – Part 1

Below are my notes from a podcast by Jerry Hocek, publisher of the Bergen/Passaic edition of Natural Awakenings magazine, and Jefferson Harman, dream interpretor and TV/radio personality. I had the opportunity to meet both of them, and I love the work they do.

I keep hearing that our world is going through a transition, that people are awakening and becoming more aware of their life’s purpose. This video gives insights about this phenomena in terms everyone can understand and relate to. I was going to just pull some quotes from it, but I started taking notes because there is so much good content in there and not everyone has time to listen to a one-hour podcast. I want to make it accessible to more people who are searching for answers or looking for meaning in this chaotic time of change.

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The video is about one hour long, so I will break it down into three parts of about twenty minutes each. Listen to it with me as you follow my notes, or just browse through the notes and listen to the parts that interest you. The video offers a lot of examples and more content not included in my notes. Enjoy!

Jefferson Harman Quote 1The Eye of the Storm [-55:51]

Disruption always precedes change. You have to have the storm before you have the calm. When something isn’t flowing in your life, it’s because you are behaving in a way that moves against how nature flows. Nature is very specific, things happen in their own time. Not a flower on the planet is thinking, “It’s Thursday, and I’ve only grown this high.” We create these obsessions, these difficulties. I believe you co-create your own reality, because simultaneous to you creating your own reality is seven billion other people plus the rest of the planet all making choices, and that’s creating what we perceive as reality.

If we’re in a turbulent time, look at when nature is turbulent, which would be during a storm, let’s say a hurricane. Everything is whirling around in a spiral and it’s very intense. In the center of that, everything is perfectly calm. Both of those things can be happening simultaneously, and that’s what’s happening right now. The question is: are you in the turbulence or are you in the eye? If you are caught up in the drama, you’re in the storm.

While we are witnessing all this upheaval, simultaneously we are also witnessing an awakening. The awakening is what’s important, because that’s the shift to the more positive energy. That’s the point where we get out of the storm and into the spring and the flowers growing.


Jefferson Harman Quote 2Community Energy [-49:30]

We’ve become too isolated. We’ve been asleep at the wheel for so long. In the mean time, the planet has been creating this momentum that’s leading to the storm. But what has shifted is that now all these people who have been in that state are suddenly awakened. That shift which is specific to politics is also occurring in all facets. People who have been in individual energy for too long are beginning to expand that to become part of community energy.

The community energy is where the interaction is happening that’s going to create the healing of the time that we’re living in right now. Do something where you are with group energy, creating something that’s positive that’s helping to heal the people that are involved in the project and the people that the project itself is assisting.

Become involved with other people in a conversation, and don’t be combative about it. Be collective about it, create together. That’s the energy that’s going to pull us out of this.


Jefferson Harman Quote 3How to Change the Storm [-47:28]

If we want to change what we perceive as the storm, what we need to do is remain in the eye so that we can affect the change that will calm the storm. The reason we want to remain in the eye is because that’s present moment energy and that’s the only place you can affect any real change. How are you going to change anything in the world if you’re caught up in all of it? If you want to make it better, you need to be centered yourself. That’s the eye.

The goal is always joy. Making it better means not having the vitriolic argument that’s going to make everybody unhappy in the end. You need to have some kind of way to talk to people that you disagree with that you can find common ground on which you do agree and just work with that. Let go of the disagreement long enough to work with the level on which you do agree, and then see what changes.

Challenge yourself. Go and do something that’s not the norm of what you’ve been doing all this time. Do something that’s completely different, that challenges you personally to have to communicate in a different way than the way you’ve been communicating.

We’ve gotten too used to modes of communication that are created by our technology. And simultaneously, the very technology that has made us so insulary is also pulling us out of that insular moment into the greater conversation. The very tool that made us so self-focused is now pivoting and turning around and giving us a lens on the world that never existed before. We are living in a time that’s enormously powerful, where people who have not had the power to get their story out are now doing that.

[-40:33 – I stopped here for this post. Stay tuned for Part 2!]

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