Self-Help Toolbox

Here is a list of tools I’ve come across in my search for inner peace, that have helped me at one point in my life (in alphabetical order):

  1. A Course in Miracles (text & workbook)
  2. Abraham-Hicks (videos)
  3. Bentinho Massaro (videos)
  4. Happify (daily videos)
  5. Happify (free membership)
  6. Inner Bonding (free articles/videos)
  7. Inner Bonding (free course by e-mail or PDF)
  8. Love or Above (free kit or paid content)
  9. Manifesting Your Destiny (6 audio videos)
  10. Mindful in May (one-month course)
  11. Mindfulness Meditations by Lou Redmond (free videos)
  12. The Happiness Trap (book)
  13. The Power of Now (book)
  14. The Success Principles 10-Day Transformation (free course)
  15. Top 100 Personal Development Blogs


More Tools by Topic

Click on the links to access the page listing tools for each topic.


Local Events

Local Events (Northern NJ)


Inspirational Videos

The following videos have helped me at times when I needed a little boost of confidence:


Information About Chakras

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Some energy healing methods and meditation styles incorporate chakra opening/rebalancing in their practice. It’s useful to have at least some knowledge about chakras to make the most of those methods: